Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yard Sale & Thrifty Treasures

So did I tell you my Mom is visiting for a few weeks?  She lives in Indiana and usually makes it out about twice a year.  Her, my sister and I (did I say that right?) went treasure hunting this week.  I thought I'd I'd show you some of my finds. 

This is only part of it.  My favorite thing I picked up I will show you this week.  I have already painted it I just need to wax it.  I was so excited about it I made my mom stand by my pile so no one would take it while I kept shopping.  (Thanks Mom!) 

At that same Garage Sale I picked up a couple feed sacks for a buck a piece and the storage box with the latch.  It is covered in a woven material and I think I will white wash it to give it a beachy vibe. 

The side table is Drexel and in perfect condition.  I will be painting it with Chalk Paint in French Linen.  

The little cloche is super cute it is smaller than a cheese dome.  Do you see all that yumminess behind it?  The most exciting of them all was this plate.  It's hard to see but it has beautiful crazing.  I have been trying to explain what kind of white dishes I am looking for to my Mom and sister and when I showed them the plate they were both like, Oh. That's what you like. They aren't feeling it. That's OK, more for me.  The plate was 99 cents with 50% off because the sticker color was on sale.

I held it close all the way to check out.  The gravy boat was also 99 cents.  no chips, perfect condition.  I am no expert on ironstone.  Or rather what is or isn't ironstone.  I like it all & if it's pretty I buy it.  

& I can't forget I found some old keys.  I love treasure hunting with my Mom & Sis.  We had a great time.

Oh and last thing I have some fun news I am renting the window at Abundance Vintage for the month of August!  I'm excited!  I have tons of projects going so there will be lots to share.  A few builds from scratch, a few refurbishes and a few that are a combination of both.  Wish me luck!

So have you found any treasures lately?

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Full Circle Creations said...

I love your finds. It's always fun to go with someone. I'm so excited for you and the window space. I can't wait to see how you display it and all the things you've been working on. Have a great time with your family.


Katie Goldsworthy said...

Great stuff! and those (I don't even know what they are called) wooden painted nautical things....those totally look like Potterybarn. Very cool.

Well, my stuff is back working....or so someone commented to me. Thank goodness! Glad to see you had a fun weekend. My sis-in-law is coming to help me keep cleaning tomorrow and I guess she's bringing 3 people! lol Maybe they'll help too?

Connie said...

What fun! Looks like you had a great week of treasure hunting. My favorite is the old keys . . . I love old keys and watches.
Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Connie :)

Anonymous said...

Could I get that night stand (which I am need of like, now!) and those really COOL antique keys off you?! Great finds!

Anne said...

Gorgeous stuff!! and is that plate really iridescent or is it just the photo? It's beautiful!!

Love your finds, I've had a great year of yard sales so far. I just haven't posted about anything yet cause I'm making over almost everything I found...

Stay tuned!


Gretchen said...

Great finds Mimi! I can't wait to see what you create with all of them.

I Play Outside The Box said...

I see some interesting 'things' in the galvanized bucket. Will go good with that storage 'beachy' box when you're done with it. Ü

Mom2Bean said...

All the stuff, but especially the Drexel side table are great finds! Can't wait to see how you paint it out! p.s. "She, my sister, and I..." (a tip: just take out the my sister and I part and see if it makes sense. "Her went treasure hunting.."? Nah, "SHE went treasure hunting..." Hope that's helpful; not being critical! Love your blog!!

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