Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yard Sale & Thrifty Treasures

So did I tell you my Mom is visiting for a few weeks?  She lives in Indiana and usually makes it out about twice a year.  Her, my sister and I (did I say that right?) went treasure hunting this week.  I thought I'd I'd show you some of my finds. 

This is only part of it.  My favorite thing I picked up I will show you this week.  I have already painted it I just need to wax it.  I was so excited about it I made my mom stand by my pile so no one would take it while I kept shopping.  (Thanks Mom!) 

At that same Garage Sale I picked up a couple feed sacks for a buck a piece and the storage box with the latch.  It is covered in a woven material and I think I will white wash it to give it a beachy vibe. 

The side table is Drexel and in perfect condition.  I will be painting it with Chalk Paint in French Linen.  

The little cloche is super cute it is smaller than a cheese dome.  Do you see all that yumminess behind it?  The most exciting of them all was this plate.  It's hard to see but it has beautiful crazing.  I have been trying to explain what kind of white dishes I am looking for to my Mom and sister and when I showed them the plate they were both like, Oh. That's what you like. They aren't feeling it. That's OK, more for me.  The plate was 99 cents with 50% off because the sticker color was on sale.

I held it close all the way to check out.  The gravy boat was also 99 cents.  no chips, perfect condition.  I am no expert on ironstone.  Or rather what is or isn't ironstone.  I like it all & if it's pretty I buy it.  

& I can't forget I found some old keys.  I love treasure hunting with my Mom & Sis.  We had a great time.

Oh and last thing I have some fun news I am renting the window at Abundance Vintage for the month of August!  I'm excited!  I have tons of projects going so there will be lots to share.  A few builds from scratch, a few refurbishes and a few that are a combination of both.  Wish me luck!

So have you found any treasures lately?

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