Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Happy 2 Year Anniversary & A Giveaway


It's my little Studio in Shelton's two year anniversary and I feel like celebrating. Two years ago I decided I needed to get out of my tiny home workshop and be among other humans. In a total stroke of luck (it was meant to be) I found a wonderful couple who are local business owners that had just enough space to rent me in their shop. It allowed me to keep my overhead reasonable and not have to work alone. I rent space and they run the shop while I work in the back. It turned out to be the perfect fit for me. The owners and their staff take such good care of me I know how truly lucky I got. It would not have worked with just anybody. I love our little shop. I love that my customers can not only come in and meet with me on their custom projects but they can also shop the retail space. They often find a treasure or two in my or some other booth in the store. It's been so good. 

Now that I've said all this I will tell you that the building is for sale. Who knows how long it will take to sell but I know this great thing will be coming to an end and that's another reason I feel like celebrating it. I have nothing but good wishes for the Owners & I want all the best for them.

I've been thinking a lot about what I will do when the building sells. Should I go back to my home workshop or rent a bigger space in town. I will keep upholstering somewhere I know that much.  I have so enjoyed having a retail shop I don't think I could go back to working from home. Ive been dreaming of some cool things I could do with more space. I would really love to offer classes or open shop days where people can come in, use my space and tools, learn and have fun. I know I'll figure it out when I need to. 

So to celebrate two years of my little Studio I will be having some giveaways. They will include a custom pillow, a seasonal handmade sign, & a gift certificate. I will also be offering 20% off special order fabric from November 15th to December 15th 2017. 

Entries for the giveaway must be done in person at my Studio in Shelton, one entry per person, from now until December 15th. Also if your closer to the North Tacoma area you can enter on Sunday November 19th (only) at Clementine Home in Tacoma. I'll be hanging out there from 1-4pm talking upholstery and chatting with clients. I'd love for you to come say Hi and shop my friends great store. 

Thank you to all my customers, blog readers and social media friends for your support. Each and every comment, like or sale has meant the world to me. I cant wait to see what the next two years will bring.

- Michelle

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Peacock Wing Back Chair

Just thought I'd pop in with a few photos of recent pieces I did for the showroom. I kept my custom schedule really light for July and August. We had lots of family in town and I wanted to be able to take as many days off as I wanted. It was so nice but I'm glad to be back to a routine.

I decided to have a little fun with color for this traditional wing back. I used a gorgeous peacock velvet and paired it with a patterned fabric heavy on the texture.

The French Natural nail heads have a bronze tone to them and I love the warmth they add. 

The wood legs had that old school black speckling so I decided to paint them with off white milk paint and distress lightly.

I decided to spread the color around the showroom with a painted faux bamboo console table and a large ottoman.

I typically stick with neutrals but I am really loving having all this color around. Its always fun to create a collection and I really enjoy having the showroom to play with. Its my happy place.  

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reupholstered Victorian Settee

Here's a recent project I completed for my showroom space. I haven't had the time to blog since opening the studio but this piece was quite the project so I thought I'd make the time. I will give a little update on how the studio has been going at the end of this post just in case any one's curious.

I wanted to do something fun on this piece and give it a more modern feel. I chose cream and charcoal grey faux linen for the front. It has a great texture and is far more durable then linen.

For the back I used a print by John Robshaw for Duralee. I love this pattern. The charcoal on soft white is so pretty and not as jarring as black and white can be. I'm a neutral girl and I typically find that I can live with bold patterns as long as they are in a neutral palate.

The settee was stripped all the way down and everything replaced. I mostly stick to chairs because I work alone and have limited space so I haven't had the chance to re-tie springs on a piece this large. It was great practice. Tying springs is actually kind of fun, well if you're an upholstery geek like me.

The before was a classic velvet damask. I gave the frame a good scrubbing and restored the finish that was on there. It was just so pretty I didn't want to paint it. 

And the after. I chose to only tuft the center cameo section instead of the whole back and used a lot less buttons to update the look. (Although I think it would have been so pretty with the whole back tufted too.) I sewed up a down bolster pillow out of the extra back fabric to tie it all together. 

It was a lot of work for a showroom piece but it was something I really wanted to do. A good one for the portfolio. Plus I need samples of my work around so clients can get a feel for my style and this ones definitely a statement piece. Most importantly I need to be able to design and create fun pieces in between custom projects for my own creative sanity. 

As for how the Studio is working out it's going great. My Landlords are very supportive and the gal that runs the shop has been so good to work with. I realize now that this idea for my studio could have gone so wrong if I hadn't lucked out with great people. I think why it works is because although we are sharing the same building we each have our own business and we respect each others space. If you remember I share a space with an art gallery, antique vendors and two local artists. For the most part customers have loved the unusual mix. There truly is something for everyone. Inevitably I have had a few people tell me that they didn't think it was the right place for my business. Three people to be exact. I decided instead of getting upset I would ask them why and what they thought I should be doing. They all pretty much said the same thing. You need to be in your own store and have it be full of Home Decor stuff in a perfect location, in a bigger town. Fancier. My response to that is nope that is not what I want right now. I want to have a place to work, showcase some of the pieces I've designed and to work with clients to transform their own furniture into something they love. Throw in a few home decor and re-purposed items because they make it look pretty. That's what I want it to be. I did make one change that someone suggested which was to get a proper table for clients to sit and look at fabrics at. That required me to rent more showroom space which helped give me a bigger presence in the store and actually worked out great.

Whenever I start thinking Bigger, Better, More I try to bring myself back to why I do this and what makes me happy. There are going to be a few changes coming up but for the most part it is working for me and my clients have been so amazing.   


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