Sunday, February 4, 2018

Black, White, Wool and Tweed Chair

I think this little cutie is my new favorite.  I designed it to sell in my showroom. This is another frame I've had for almost two years and just never got to it.  That's seems to be a theme with me lately. It must be the new year. I feel a renewed creative energy and have been tackling projects I've long neglected.

With this one I could never find the right fabric. I needed something amazing that would update this very unique antique frame.

Enter gorgeous Pendleton Wool Fabric. I fell in love with it and purchased it for a project for myself. Then I realized I'm a gray girl. I love the look of black and white but my entire home is shades of gray. Not to worry though it was just what I'd been waiting for for this piece.

The pattern is very bold so for the back I used a black tweed that has a tiny fleck of cream in it. Perfect. I works to keep the pattern from being overwhelming.  

Yummy. There is nothing more cozy then wool. Someone asked if it was scratchy and no it's not. Pendleton wool is soft and thick. This is available by the yard.

I decided to run the fabric vertically up the chair and offset the pattern a bit to the right. Definitely a fun statement piece.

Ok and here's the real reason it took me so long to do this chair, 


These springs just looked like a nightmare to redo. They are tall (except for the front row) and tied together down inside as well. Actually they weren't hard to redo but every time I looked at this chair it looked like it had a million springs. So I was like nah, I'll wait on that one. :) Glad I finally took the time. 

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