Monday, August 24, 2015

"Deconstructed" Chair Transformation

I absolutely love the look of deconstructed furniture. I love using burlap, little exposed tacks, webbing, all of it.  This piece was perfect for it because of the chunky exposed frame. 

It was at this point after I stripped all the fabric and old foam that the idea struck me. 

So I promptly ripped the caning off. I know I took off perfectly good caning but it looks so much cooler with upholstered arms. I chose to paint the frame because the stain had the tell tail seventies black speckling. I used General Finishes paint in the color driftwood. It's a gorgeous grey but its coming off purplish in my photos. Grey always does in my workshop. 

Another element of deconstructed furniture is exposed webbing and burlap.

The linen fabric is attached to the frame with tiny steel upholstery tacks. Tedious yes, but so worth it.

Same thing with the arms and upholstered seat.  

Such a difference I love this one so much. 

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Full Circle Creations said...


Susan said...

Love how this chair turned out ! The deconstructed look really gives it a new life. Awesome piece. :)

Audrey said...

Oh WOW ... love it. That tufted back is just beautiful.

Adrianna said...

I found the EXACT same chair at my life so thrift store for $15. I thoroughly enjoyed YOUR redo of the same chair. I love the deconstructed look and will try it the next time I redo another chair. �� I absolutely love your work. I love it even more your story of how you got into reupholstery. It sounds similar to my own.

Look forward to each new blog post/ project you complete.


Adrianna said...

P.S. Doesn't it feel Ike you are being hugged when sitting in this chair?

Lori Williamson said...

Amazing! What a gorgeous result, definitely the prettiest of all your deconstructed pieces. For the button tufting, was there a special button back that you used since the chair is a picture back? I would love it if you could share how you did that - thanks!

Mimi@blueroofcabin said...

Hi Lori, Thanks for your sweet comment. I used the prong style buttons on the back so they lay flat. Then there is some batting between that and the back fabric so you dont see them through the fabric.

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