Monday, December 29, 2014

The Schumacher Twins

I like these chairs so much I named them.  These were a recent client project.  I have been crushing on this fabric for quite some time now.  It's called Garden of Persia by Schumacher.  I have had the pleasure of working with this particular client several times now.  When she decided on these chairs she wanted a large print in navy and asked if I knew of any that she might like.  This fabric immediately came to mind and she loved it.  Perfect.  

This fabric has a 26" x 44" straight repeat which is crazy large.
(here's the part where I show what a huge fabric geek I have become, I find this stuff extremely interesting to the dismay of my friends and family) I created the image above to show the full 54" width of the fabric so I could convey to you just how hard such a large repeat can be to work with.  The green box above shows the repeat.  There can/will be a lot of waste with a big repeat.  There were only two repeats side by side of the large flower motif.  Luckily that worked out perfectly (it was so close) for the backs of the chairs but not for the seats.  The seat piece of fabric was too large for the big flower to be centered.  The solution was to take the seat portion right smack out of the center of the fabric, shown above by the blue box.  It worked and looks like one really large repeat.

Not that anyone would even notice (or care) unless they really know this fabric.

For the paint finish we decided on Driftwood milk paint by Old Fashion Milk Paint.  Two coats sanded back really highlights the carved details.

On the outside backs is a medium gray linen that compliments the paint finish and doesn't compete with the main fabric.  I think the neutral paint and back fabric really let the bold print be the star, as it should be. 

These are such great chairs, and that fabric is just so striking.  Another one of my favorites.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

These chairs look AMAZING!!!!! Great job!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Very striking!

ANNE said...

Look at you - the Upholstery Queen! I am in awe of your skills...

Happy New Year Mimi! May 2015 be the best year EVER!!

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