Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Bold Mid Century Chair Makeover

Half the fun of doing custom work is the story behind each piece.  Recently I reupholstered this Mid Century chair for a very sweet couple.  It was his grandfathers chair.  My client told me his Grandfather had learned the upholstery trade after retiring from the military.  He had his own business for years and had actually reupholstered this very chair.  It still had a tag under the cushion with his business name on it.  It is a special piece to the family and I am thrilled to have been able to bring it back to life for them.

The before was a crunchy avocado crushed velvet with a short skirt and arm covers.  It's funny how old upholstery fabric was so stiff and "crunchy" for lack of a better word.  Modern fabrics are much softer but can still have all the great texture that the old school fabrics had.  My clients love color and selected this vibrant purple. I have used this fabric style several times in different colors. It's very durable with a linen texture to it.  It works great on any style of furniture.  I get it through a wholesale source. 

We decided in order to make this chair a little more this century I would not replace the skirt.  The swivel rocker base is a medium tone wood and looks great, no need to cover it up. 

Since my clients love pattern and color I decided to give them a little surprise with this fun fabric under the cushion.  You don't see it unless you lift the cushion but it's fun to know it's there.

Other then that I reupholstered the chair just as it was.  I love the squared off edges and button pattern on the back.  It's classic mid century updated with a fresh bold color for a modern couple. 

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