Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing the Modern Cottage Company

I mentioned a few weeks ago that some changes had happened with where I sell my furniture creations.  I thought I would show you were I ended up.  It's funny I feel like I have talked about it a million times but then I realize that I did on facebook & Instagram but not here.   I know not everyone who reads my blog follows me on other social media and even if you do you might have missed it.  I wouldn't want that cause your gonna love it.   Before I show ya here's some background in case you forgot.   For just over a year now I have been consigning my pieces with Alison, owner of The Modern Cottage Company, at a store she was a co owner of.   Recently she decided to open her own store and I am so happy to have come along for the ride.  I adore Alison.  She has been so encouraging and supportive of me.  Always acting as if every piece I bring to the store is gold.  Dontcha just love people like that?  It's inspiring to be around people who are not only passionate about what they do but want others to succeed just as much as they want it for themselves.  She has worked hard to build her business and brand and it is a joy to see her dream realized. 

Two other fabulous gals are also consigning their pieces at the shoppe,  Amanda of Ferpie and Fray and Devon of Bride on a Bike.   Both are insanely talented furniture painters among other things and I learn so much from them.   I could go on and on about these girls but I think you get the picture.  I heart them.

Okay, on to the store and some photos.  Most of these photos I borrowed from The Modern Cottage Company and Bride on a Bike so photo credit goes to them.  The store has been open a few weeks so many things are sold.  If you are local and see something you like check The Modern Cottage Company's facebook for availability. 

Green Buffet by Ferpie & Fray, Pink Chair by Me.

The storefront is adorable.   It is located in Historic Old Town Tacoma a block up from the waterfront.

Here's the view out the back window.

It's an amazing location.  Trains go by throughout the day and you can smell the bay.  I love that smell it reminds me of good times on the water.  It also reminds me of high school because we used to come here to cruise ;) 

I love the window display areas.  This is my Hot pink tweed wing back, I loved that chair.  It sold to a sweet gal who now has three of my chairs and soon to be two ottomans ;).

When you first walk into the shoppe you run smack dab into Devon from Bride on a Bike's cart.  It is a constantly changing source of awesomeness.  Devon is known for her fabulous picking skills.

 Marigold Dresser by Bride on a Bike, Table by The Modern Cottage Company, 
Love Marquee by Mike's Marquee's (he's Amanda of Ferpie and Fray's hubby) , Chairs by me

Lets just look at those chairs again since they are mine and I like this photo ;).  Did you see the built ins??  The wood has a gorgeous patina.  They, as well as the wood floors and crisp white walls really compliment the painted pieces. 

Cottage furniture by The Modern Cottage Co, Drawer Cabinet by Bride on a Bike.

I love the way the store is always beautifully staged.  Alison is constantly moving things around and it is a gift to be able to bring my pieces in and know she will find the perfect spot to show them off.  Everyones pieces are mixed together based on color story and what looks best together.  

I Love Junk Marquee by Mike's Marquees, Table by The Modern Cottage Co, 
Vanity by Me.

My one painted piece in the shop that isn't a chair is the hot pink vanity with rustic wood top.   

The Marquee signs are made by Mike's Marquees.  He also makes speakers out of old suitcases.  You should go check them out here.  The sound is awesome and they are just so cool.  There is one in the store and we have played lots of 80's pop music on it.   Shout out to Pandora's Paula Abdul station.

Buffet and Vanity by Ferpie and Fray, Dresser by Bride on a Bike, Chairs by Me.

I wish I had a better close up of Ferpie and Fray's work.  She does just the right amount of distressing on her pieces.  Click here to see what I mean.

 Buffet and Dresser by Modern Cottage Company

fun finds by Bride on a Bike

I asked Alison to describe her store and she said " It's a little bit Cottage, a little bit Farmhouse, and a little bit Modern all pulled together with color, attention to detail, and the love of anything antique."

 Buffet by Ferpie and Fray, Table by The Modern Cottage Company

 Tables and Desk by The Modern Cottage Company

dresser by Bride on a Bike

Shelf and Buffet by The Modern Cottage Company

 Primitive Cabinet by The Modern Cottage Company,

It's my happy place away from home.  I take no credit for how amazing the store looks I am just proud of my friend and wanted to share.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  If you are local you should definitely stop by, you will be inspired.  If you'd like more info and to follow along with the stores progress check it out on The Modern Cottage Company facebook page.

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Angela said...

Wow! What an AMAZING-looking store! I wish I were local so I can shop there. :)

Nicole Taylor said...

I want to take a trip to Washington just to shop here! There are so many amazing pieces. Those blue and white chairs you did are amazing!

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