Friday, May 9, 2014

Layered White Wash Finish

When I found this cabinet I wasn't looking for anything to paint.  My studio is full of pieces to re-upholster and with the custom jobs I have lined up I just didn't have the room.  Of course I bought it anyway because when you come across a unique gorgeous piece you just gotta do it right?  I have been missing painting.  Too much upholstery makes Mimi a dull girl.

Immediately I envisioned a white wash finish for the piece. It is solid oak and had a golden finish, perfect for this kind of treatment.

The craftsmanship on the pieces is really cool.  The pieces interlock and it can be taken apart by just unscrewing the back.  The carved top piece is removable as well.  I can't decide if I like it better with or without it.

The door had a mirror in it but while we were loading it the mirror fell out, didn't break thank goodness, and an idea was born.  I decided not to put the mirror back in so that the piece could be used to display pretties instead of hide them.  It makes it so much more functional I used upholstery wire staples to install the chicken wire because they are thinner then regular staples.  If the new owner decides to put a mirror or glass back in the door it can be easily removed and the holes will hardly be noticeable.

The finish was created by laying white milk paint.  Milk paint is my favorite paint to use for a wash.  I applied two thin coats with bonding agent added then dry brushed a third and fourth coat on in some areas until I liked it.  The inside is painted a snow white for a clean look that pops.  I thought about using a fun color on the inside but to me there is nothing prettier than a white cabinet.  I already had plans for it in my home if it didn't sell quickly but, she did.   

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ANNE said...

That is gorgeous!! I love the whitewashed look. Great cabinet, beautifully done up!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous piece and I love the chicken wire. Perfect and that finish is fabulous.

Gail said...

Love the whitewashed finished on this beautiful cabinet!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

What a beautiful job on that chest - love it!

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

So very pretty :)

Gail Wilson said...

beautiful cabinet Mimi, and I love the color, not to mention the chicken wire! great job!

Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

Beautiful Cabinet and I love the wash! I like the chicken wire too!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Such a pretty finish!

Anonymous said...

nice share

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