Thursday, November 14, 2013

Custom Projects and a Business Update

I thought I'd share a couple custom pieces I recently finished as well as some changes I've made to the old business.  This first piece is a chair that used to belong to my clients Grandparents. Isn't it a great chair?  She decided on grain sack fabric, and I think it was the perfect choice.  

The before fabric was a worn peach silk.  The bones were in great shape just needed a new look.  

This one involved a little sewing.  I can't put it off any longer.  I am getting a new sewing machine by the end of this year.  I've saved my pennies just need to pull the trigger.  

This ottoman was for the same client.  I had a great time working with her, she's a sweetheart.  She wanted to add some color and pattern to her neutral living room.  It's hard to see in the photo but it's button tufted.  

The ottoman was created from her existing coffee table.  I recommended cutting down the top of the table so there would be less of an overhang and she agreed.  Nothing says "hey I used to be an table now I'm an ottoman" to me more than too much overhang.  

Since I've been doing more custom work I decided not to rent a space anymore.  I am now just consigning larger pieces.  For me that works the best.  Having a space means having smalls and I'm just not that into smalls.  Many people in the business will tell you how important smalls are.  I agree that if you have a space you need smalls to help pay the rent.  Larger pieces take time to sell and the smalls add up at the end of the month. For me though, I felt I was running all over the place to find smalls and not enjoying it.  Or trying to make all my smalls which is not always the best use of my time.  We all have to find what works best for us.  

I love a good repurpose so occasionally I still buy random pieces and salvaged parts to make into new and fabulous furniture.  (I have one to show you next week) I know it makes more sense to pay a little more for a finished piece and not spend so much time reworking things but to me it's worth it sometimes.  It makes me happy.  Even though I've been doing it less lately I still love to build things. 

So that's just a few of the changes going on.  I've got to keep learning and growing, that's what it's all about.

If you want to see current pieces for sale click here to follow me on facebook.  If your local and looking to have some custom work done email me or send me a facebook message for a quote.        

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