Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Industrial Kitchen Island or Cart or Whatever

A made another Kitchen Island.  Not for me though.  I just saw the cart and had to fulfill it's destiny.  It needed to be a Kitchen Island.  Just like when Phoebe from friends had to do that for the Christmas trees, remember?  

This time I made a Kitchen Island out of an Industrial Cart and old oak table.  I found the cart at the Restore.  It just spoke to me. 

I think it was the casters.  and the rust.  When I got it home my husband asked me how much I paid for it which is his way of saying it's kind of a weird thing (piece of crap)to purchase. Whatever. 

First thing I did was clean it with TSP then sand off all the gunk.  It had some chips already but not enough for me so I decided to slop some chemical stripper around the bottom edges to get more of a distressed chippy look.  By slopped I mean I used a brush and dabbed/globbed it on so it wasn't uniform.  After a couple hours I cleaned all that off with mineral spirits.  I like it. 

Then I needed a top.  I picked up this oak table for cheap a few months ago.  I bought it for the the 1 1/2 thick butcher block top.  I knew I'd find a use for it eventually.   

I clamped a 2x4 to the top for my Skill saw to follow to get a straight cut.  Then I ripped two strips off the extra pieces with my table saw to make breadboard ends.  To attach those I used glue and clamps.


I got this table around the time I did the Milk painted dresser with hand planed top.  I liked how that turned out so I used my little hand planer to do the same to this tabletop.  (for more on that click here) I like the texture it gives.  There are holes in the top of the cart so it was easy to attach the wood top from underneath.

The cart had a board on the back side.  I immediately thought it needed a sign painted on it. 

This is what I came up with.  It's removable.  A chalkboard would be another fun idea.  I kinda like it without the sign though. 

I think it would make a great Kitchen Island or Cart or Bar or coffee station or whatever.  I however have no room for such things so I'm going to sell it. 

Here's the front again.  See that tag hanging off the left side? It says property of Boeing.  My husband thought he was helping and yanked it off for me.  Then he stuck it back on when I yelled No! I need to glue that back down it's a part of the history of this piece and I kinda like it.

Hope you are having a great Summer.  It has just flown by hasn't it?  Have you heard all the talk of fall in blog land?  I hadn't even been thinking about it until I heard a few mention it.  Now I'm like bring it.  I love the change of seasons. sigh.    

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  1. Great job. And the sign is great but I like it best without the sign. Love the color.

  2. Love this! You had great vision bringing these two pieces together.

  3. What a fantastic redo! I love that you saw that new life in that cart. Great job.

  4. great job marrying those two wonderful pieces Mimi!


  5. Very cool!! Great job of reusing what you have!!

  6. Wow! Fantastic idea. I would have never thought of using a round table to cut a rectangle out of. Duh! Love how you combined the card and oak top. Very creative. :)

  7. Great job! I'm kicking myself right now for not picking up a table top I saw sitting on the side of the road. Nice upcycling! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  8. Mimi, you're absolutely brilliant!! This is fabulous!! What a rescue!!

  9. have you looked at the Boeing surplus store? I think it's on E valley parkway (just NW of SR167 @ the Winco store) - tons of awesome stuff.

  10. I love reading your blog especially since my husband thinks like yours and often "questions" why I would pay good money for such crap (in his opinion) and then want to keep it in the house. Love also the way you express yourself... I understood glop right away!

  11. I love it! I know what you mean about your husband thinking it was junk, I recently found a rolling metal cart as well and when I was bringing it to the car my hubby and my aunt were laughing at me ,They didn't say the word "junk" but I know they thought I was crazy for buying it. But after they saw what I did with it everything changed. Yours came out really nice. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  12. Mimi, that is AWESOME!! My husband doesn't always "get" my finds either! ;)

  13. You are amazing! The cart is great alone and then you added the wood top. I would never think of these ideas.

  14. I so love this,, especially with the sign.

  15. Awwwww, Mimi!! I LOVE this and I miss your face soo much!! I don't know how you part with some of your pieces. They are just too dang cute!! -Candace

  16. Did you sell this piece? I would love it!


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