Friday, July 5, 2013

Industrial Elements in Home Decor

I am completely in love with using industrial elements in home decor.  How about you?  Especially when its metal and rusty and paired with Ironstone.  Lately I have been adding more and more industrial touches and I'm dying to show you my newest find.

I found this metal drawer at one of my favorite junk stores.  The patina is just amazing.  Rusty. Metal. Goodness.  The bottom of the drawer (I guess it's a drawer) is metal screen and adds such a cool texture. 

I just knew it would be perfect on top of my dining room built-ins.  

The handle and rusty name plate holder are perfection I had to make sure they are visible.  I had planned to better stage the cloche with something fabulous like a nest or moss but I love my little vintage deer.  I threw him under there around Christmas time and never let him out.  His big ears make me smile.   

It works perfectly to corral some of my collection of Ironstone.  

Yesterday we hosted a 4th of July BBQ and I was excited to show off my new find.  Funny thing is I don't think anyone saw it because our back door is always open like this in the summer.  We have a screen door and everyone hangs out on the patio.  Oh well, at least I know I can always show you guys ;) 

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