Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Chair, Two Fabrics

I am currently obsessed with upholstered chairs that have more than one fabric.   Whether the fabrics coordinate of totally contrast each other.  I've done a few pieces in the past mostly combining drop cloth and burlap but I wanted to bump it up a little.

OK it's still very neutral but it definitely makes a statement.  The inside back and seat fabric is a rich beige colored velvet.  I love the sheen and the softness of it.  The outside back fabric is a lighter shade with a linen texture and soft black pattern.  I like how the different shades and textures of the fabrics contrast each other.  I chose to paint the frame white and distress it to make it pop against the fabrics.  A linen or beige color would have blended in too much.  Black would have been striking as well. 

On this piece I had to do a little sewing for the back pieces.  Because of how the chair curves the pattern didn't line up straight.  I think it matched up pretty well.  I used the old fabric as a template to make it easier.  I also sewed some double cord welting to hide the staples around the bottom and arms. 

I used plygrip/curve ease on the top of the back for a crisp clean look.  I explained how to use plygrip in my how to re-upholster the back of a sofa post.  Again it looks scary but it's actually pretty easy to use.

I wasn't sure how well the two fabric look would sell.  I sneak peaked it on facebook and she sold right away, never even made it to the store.  Gotta love it when that happens. 

I want to try this look again on some more chairs I have and really do something funky.  We shall see.  Sell ability keeps trumping funky and think I just need to let loose.  Right?  So are you a fan of the two fabric look?

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