Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Make a Lamp From a Broken Table

A couple weeks ago my in-laws were cleaning out there garage and they asked me if I wanted this broken and warped table.  Of course I said yes, I love stuff that's broken and free.  

It had been put in the attic above the garage and the heat was too much for it apparently.   The top had warped and de-laminated.  At first I thought I could just glue the base back together and find a new top but then I realized the legs hadn't just split apart they were warped as well. 

My Mother in Law was bummed about the table being ruined because it had belonged to her Grandmother.  I brought it into my workshop and as I was taking it apart & assessing the damage I had a light bulb moment.  I could re-purpose the table base into a lamp and give it back to her for Mothers day. 

I started by removing the top and only leg that was still attached and then I cut the dowels from the piece with a handsaw.   I filled the imperfections with wood putty and sanded smooth.  

Then I removed the top piece by unscrewing and attached it to the bottom to form the base.

For the wiring I had my husband drill through the entire piece with a really long 3/8" drill bit he had.  He has all the random cool stuff that I don't.  He put the base in a vise to hold it.  Those long drill bits don't have the drill part all the way up so make sure to pull the drill bit out several times when you drill something this deep so the sawdust can come out and lesson the chance of splitting it. 

I picked up a wiring kit that you can get at any hardware store.  They are around $10.  To secure the wiring part to the new lamp base I used some JB Weld I had on hand.  Once you pull the wire through attach to the screws on lamp part.  There is one on each side.  Then slide cover over everything and it clicks into the base. I had my hubs wire this one since it's for his parents ;)but I've done it myself several times before, it's actually pretty easy.

I painted the base with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  First a coat of Old White then a coat of French Linen. I distressed with a wet rag then sealed with wax.  The shade is from Target's Threshold line. 

I love the little stitch detail on the shade.

I think it turned out very cute and now my Mother in law has her table back.  Sort of.  She loved it!  I hope all you Moms had a great day!  

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