Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY Dutch Door

Check another thing off the to do list I started last year.  I have wanted to add a Dutch Door to the opening above my stairs since I built them last May.  To see the post on how I built the stairs(Ship's Ladder) click here.  

Just in case you are new here let me give you the run down on our quirky home.  It started out as a log cabin that was added onto a few times. The original log cabin is still in tact. Log walls and all.  The stairs lead to the cabin part which is the office/craft room.  This doorway used to be the main door to the cabin.  The reason I wanted to put a door here is that the floor is at eye level to the downstairs dining room where we hang out when we have company.  It is impossible to keep a floor clean enough to be looking at it at eye level.  You can see every little thing.  Lets face it we all know I'm not the neatest person anyways.  So a fun quirky dutch door it is.  I can close off the mess when we have company and still keep that room feeling open to the rest of the house.  

It hasn't been easy to find an old door to modify that is 28" wide.  I could have built one but I really wasn't in a hurry and I knew I would find one eventually.  Last week I stumbled upon this door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  It was perfect because the bottom panel was smaller than the top one, just right for a Dutch Door.  I decided 32" was the height I wanted so I cut it with a skill saw.  

Next I removed the existing hinges and replaced them where I thought they should be for the door.  Normally doors are routered where the hinges are so that the hinges are flush and you don't have a gap between the frame and the door.  I decided not to router mine because my opening was actually 28 1/4" and also this is a decorative door it doesn't need to be perfect. 

I added a piece of trim so that when the door is closed you won't see the gap. 

I found a rusty latch in my stash.  To allow the door to stay closed I drilled a hole into the trim for the latch to slide into.  To make a ledge for the top of the door I used a 1 x 4 and cut the corners off at a 45 degree angle so it wouldn't keep it from opening.  I attached it with nails.

Most days the door will be slightly open so that the cat can get to his food.  He uses these stairs daily and his food is just to the right of the door.  We can easily reach it to feed him and the dog doesn't get into the cat's food because she hasn't figured it out yet.

I painted the door a vintage green but I'm not sure about the color.  I am going to live with it awhile. It's a great color but I'm thinking I want something brighter and more of a yellow green. 

I really like the door it works with the casual cabin vibe around here.  Thanks for stopping by!

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