Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Thread Holder

So here's a fun project.  I say that every time don't I?  I just love projects that just sorta fall together.  It all started a couple weeks ago I went to a Quilting Show with my Mother in Law, nieces and Sister in Law.  I am not much of a quilter but I went to hang out with the girls.  While shopping around My Mother in Law was looking at a plastic cone thread holder.  She needs one and this one was like $25.  She asked what we thought of it and of course I said don't buy that I can make you one for less.  She agreed.  So as we walked around I thought about how I would make it.  Eventually we came upon a booth that had a vintage vibe and I said to her "what we need is to find something wood, heavy and vintage for the base."  She pointed about two feet behind me and said "you mean like that".  She was pointing at a basket of old shoe forms.  I didn't even see them (my spidey sense must have just felt there presence) Yes exactly like that. 

It's perfect because it has a metal bottom so it's heavy.  Next I just needed to find something interesting for the thread to sit on.  I found several options at a local junk store and settled on on old grinder bit. It actually would work fine without it but I think it looks cool.  Rusty goodness.  The way the thread cones are wound the thread wont touch the rust. 

To attach the 1/2" dowel I tapered the end using a razor knife and pounded it into the hole that was already there with a mallet.  Then I added an upholstery tack to the top for interest. 

The wire that the thread feeds through is an old BBQ skewer that we never use.  I drilled a small hole in the back of the shoe form and pounded it in.   To bend the top I put the circle part in a vise and bent the stick to a 45 degree angle.

You can also flip the bottom plate over and it has some cool raised words on it.  This way it fits perfectly into the brand of thread my Mother in Law uses.   Seriously like it was made for it.  I love it when stuff like that happens.  

Almost half the price and way cooler than the plastic version.  I think I need one too.  Oooh I could put twine in it.  Now I must have one. 

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