Friday, February 8, 2013

Store Window Display

Have you ever done a window display before?  It's really fun.  I have done three now at vintage/antique stores to sell my pieces and promote my business.  My most recent one is this month at The Queen's Ransom in Buckley WA.  My plan was to design the display around my Vintage Sofa that I reupholstered so I set up a living room vignette.  Since it's February I added in some reds as a nod towards Valentine's but I didn't go all out with the theme.

To coordinate with the sofa I painted and re-upholstered a side chair in Shutter Gray Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

The Mantel is painted in French Linen.  To tie in the two grays I painted a chunky would frame in Shutter Gray and put it on the Mantel.

I threw a tissue paper flower on the sofa for some color.  The red "rug" on the floor is actually a Christmas Tree skirt that didn't sell this season.  I almost bought some faux white fur to make a throw for the display but I had the skirt already and I think it pops.

The coffee table turned out to be a fun project.  It only took 25 hours to complete.  I will have to post about that later because there is a couple good lessons in there ;).  Do you see that candy dish.  Funny story my Sister helped me set up and was giving me a hard time about not having any smalls in my window display. It is an antique store after all.  So I added the candy dish just for her.  

Decorating a window is so different then decorating your booth space.  In a window you have to make sure everything coordinates and looks good from a distance.  The point is to draw people in right? Of course there were several ideas that never made it to the window but I like how it turned out.

Just for fun here are photos of the other window displays I have done.  

This was my first.  For that month I did a giveaway on facebook and had a sign (you can see it on the desk) promoting it.  I picked up quite a few likes from that.  I also had a photo display of my blog projects and pile of business cards to promote the blog.

My second display was to promote Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint that Abundance Vintage Sells.   Everything in the window was painted with it.  Except for those gorgeous antique standing windows they just looked so good we had to throw them in. 

The nice thing about doing a window display is it's only a one month commitment.  So are you wondering how you can get your stuff into a store window?  Keep in mind they probably are not going to just rent there window to anybody off the street.  I wouldn't, would you?  The window is there first impression to the world, it's important.  They are going to want to see your work.  I consigned items in both stores before doing there window so they both were familiar with me and my aesthetic.  If you have a space somewhere else you can show them pictures.  If you don't have a space do you have a blog or facebook page?  If you have done flea markets, shows, or bazaars you can show them pictures from those.  My advice, ask around to see who is renting out there window and then go in and talk to them.  (thank you Captain Obvious).  Even if they don't rent out there window normally you can always ask.  Maybe they are tired of doing it themselves all the time and need a break.  You just never know.  If I can do it, you can do it!     

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your displays are lovely and you have painted so many beautiful things. Wherever do you get the energy ;) Love the colours you chose.

Ellie VanCaster said...

You do a fabulous job with the windows-seriously you do. It would draw me right in to take a peek.
Have a great weekend.

Gail Wilson said...

ohh, I love them all Mimi! You do fabulous staging. I don't! lol I wish I could. It's like some people are tone deaf ??? I just don't "see" the big picture. LOVE yours!

Anne said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Aren't you glad you took the plunge?? I'm so proud of you!!

Full Circle Creations said...

Just lovely! It looks wonderful!

Bliss said...

Just wait till someone comes in and happens to flip over that cushion. They'll go crazy for it and buy it on the spot!


Being Home said...

Beautifully laid out! By the way, I would love to have that sofa! Drool!

Best of luck with your business. Everything you do is so lovely and has a timeless element to it. ;)


Michelle Smith said...

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