Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Map / Nautical Chart Art

I have been loving all the map projects I've seen all over blogland lately and decided I needed one of my own.  I love maps but nautical charts are my favorite. We have a fishing boat and live about 5 minutes from the Puget Sound and boating is what we do for fun.  My husband calls it fishing but for me it's just hanging out on the water with friends. 

Tacoma Narrows Bridges

It feels like you could be anywhere in the world when you are on the water.  The Puget Sound is beautiful.  

It was a really easy and inexpensive project.  I built the frame out of old cedar fence boards that I rescued from my brother.  He was burning them.  Seriously?  I could not believe he didn't think of giving them to me.  He said he didn't think I would want them because they are so weathered and dirty.  How is that even possible?  He knows now, and he will never do it again ;)

To build the frame for my chart I used four fence boards.  I started by cleaning them with a solution of bleach, dish soap and water scrubbing them down with a scrub brush. They really were pretty dirty.  

Once dry, I ripped them down using my table saw.  I set the gate to 3.5".  (the guard is only up for the photo I always use the blade guard, please use all safety precautions when using power tools)

Now I had the two pieces that make up the inner and outer frame.   If you don't have a table saw and are purchasing new wood you could just buy pine 1 x 2's and 1 x 3's from your local lumber store.  To make the pine look weathered checkout my post on how to make new wood look old here.

I miter cut the corners with my chop saw attaching them with pocket holes, glue and screws.  Then I cut the wood for the outer frame.  Just a straight cut, not mitered.  I attached the outer frame with glue and nails.

The Nautical Chart is pretty new, I stole it from our boat but you can get them online by searching for printable nautical charts.  My husband purchased it at a local West Marine store.  I searched on line and found there site, West Marine, it looks like you can get them for about $20.  


To mount the chart I didn't want to use glass or damage the chart by gluing it onto a board so I decided to staple it to the frame.  I'm sure eventually I will get tired of it and I wanted to be able to give it back to my husband.  

It's very light so I just used two saw tooth hangers and small nails to hang it on the wall.  That's it.  I love the statement it makes and it's fun to show friends where we have taken them on the boat.  People get so turned around on the water.

On another note, I finally handled my root problem and got my hair colored.  So hard to get a good picture of yourself with your phone isn't it?  Peace out! 

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must love junk said...

Wow-your map turned out great! I also love your lamp!

Full Circle Creations said...

I love it! I miss being in Seattle and near the water. Your map and frame look great. And so does your hair!

Katie Olthoff said...

I love this, and the wall color! I want to see more pictures of the room!

Gail Wilson said...

I love it Mimi! I want to do this with a mirror. :)
great job and thanks for sharing at catch as catch can.

Anne said...

Love it! and your hair looks awesome too!!

Bliss said...

The map is wonderful, but I have never tried to take my pic with my phone - saw myself on it once and that made the decision for me, and my roots at that point were the least of my troubles.


Anonymous said...

Mimi - Do people think you look like Kate Middleton? And do you actually have a cabin with a blue roof? I always wanted one and for years have been drawing little sketches of a house with a blue roof - mine was corrugated metal. Just wondering.

Mimi@blueroofcabin said...

No I've never heard that lol. I wish I looked like Kate ;) We do have a cabin with a blue corrugated metal roof. Well it started out as a log cabin but has been added onto a few times until it's now hard to tell. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the finished product! You can never go wrong with a map in my opinion!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...


Shirlee said...

I can't believe your brother was burning the old cedar, especially with having such a talented sister who can put it to good use. Glad you were able to rescue some. Love the frame and the map. I would love to live near water but we're on the landlocked prairies. We took a vacation a few years ago to the Oregon coast and Wash. It was great, would love to visit Seattle again.

Katie @ Creatively Living said...

lol. I love your "root" pictures! That map is awesome! Maps are the only "cool" decor that my husband actually likes. Ahhh. the Tacoma Narrows. I remember biking around there a lot. I miss living on that side of the state sometimes.

If it were up to John, everyone would have wood houses with forest green and maroon, and woodsy cabin details like pine carved fish and things. lol


Cocalores said...

Pretty project! That old wood looks awesome. And I am so super jealous of where you live. Was on holiday there once and it was beyond gorgeous =)

Anja @

Life in a Craft Shell said...

I love that! I am also loving that lamp shade. Did you make that also or purchase somewhere? Love your blog by the way!!

Tiffany Madeline Photography said...

I seen a question on a blog I follow on bloglovin' and shared this post, because this is the perfect way to do a large diy frame. Great tutorial. The only this I suggested different was to have a piece for backing, because the photo was an Old canvas painting that needs to be hung without exposure

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