Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chippy Three Legged Table

And for my next trick I will turn an old table into a table.  Well old table parts anyways.  I mentioned on facebook a month or so ago that I scored three fabulously chippy table legs.  

Along with the legs I had the front piece, one side and some random boards.  Since I only had three legs I decided to make a corner table.   

(For some reason I feel like I'm looking up this tables skirt with this shot) 

The front and side pieces had been cut mortise and tenon style to fit into the legs.  I was able to glue and clamp the front easy peasy.  Then I cut the side piece in half and attached half to each side. I used the remaining boards for the angled back pieces.  Pocket holes and screws attach everything together.  I used 1" thick cedar boards for the top.

Are you a fan of chippy old paint?  If not I am sure I'd laugh if I heard your reaction to this photo ;)  

Now for how I finished the top.  This was an experiment.  I wanted to do a treatment that would tie in with the chippy finish on the legs.  I decided to use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  Her color Mustard Seed matches the chippy color on the table legs perfectly.  Since cedar is very porous and the tannins in the wood tend to bleed through paint I decided to seal it with clear Shellac first.  I know your won't get the famous milk paint chippy-ness when you paint on raw wood but I thought maybe I'd get it to do it's thing if I sealed the wood.  In hind sight maybe I should have used two coats of shellac and let it dry longer. 

Next I painted a random coat of the color Mustard Seed.  After that dried I smeared some vaseline over the mustard color and on the bare wood were I didn't want the next paint color to stick.  I wish I had used crackle medium but I didn't have any.  Next I top coated with the color Ironstone.   

The next day there was no magic chipping or flaking but the vaseline technique left a few chippy looking spots.  I sanded until I got the look I wanted.  I love how the grain of the wood is showing and little bits of the Mustard color are peaking through.   

I applied a coat of Miss Mustard Seeds wax to the whole piece to protect and seal the paint.  I love her wax, it's very creamy.  It reminds me of pudding and smells pretty good.  It applies easily with a brush and buffs to a lovely sheen.

I think it turned out really fun and I will be taking it to my space to sell next time I head that way. 

I realized when trying to photograph this piece that I have no corners that are big enough to put it.  They all have doorways or windows in the way.  So I temporarily hung a curtain in the doorway.  Whatever it takes right? 



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  1. I love it! Love the chippy goodness! And I love that it has three legs! Great job!


  2. You are amazing and now I'm kicking myself for taking two legs to the dump last fall. Well, they weren't actually legs, they were pieces of a large mirror that looked like legs to me... crap. I should have checked with you first!! :)

    Love this table. Cheers!

    ps I think I have the same bowl, too.

  3. OMGoodness, what an awesome looking table! I LOVE it!!

  4. You did an amazing job remaking that table. Love the finsih on the top too.

  5. Another fantastic project where you took junk and made it awesome!


  6. WOW! Your table turned out amazing. I am so impressed that you can take all those parts and make something so beautiful.

  7. That's an amazing table! I picture it in at least two places in my own home. Loaded down with books, flowers and pictures. What a unique and lovely piece!

  8. Oh, am I ever a fan of chippy. Chippy Love going on over here at my house. I have a chippy table in my living room with very similar legs. I will be sharing it in a post for My Vintage Christmas decor party on the 13th. I love how you made it a corner table. Very clever idea. The top turned out great. I have never used her wax. I have only used Annie Sloans. I'll have to try it.

  9. Love your table in all her beautiful chipiness! I never noticed the curtain until you mentioned it. Love the little vignette you created. I'm a big fan of using shutters and old windows in indoor decor. Yeah! I found a new blog to follow. I love Anita's Cedar Hill Ranch. It's so great that you are one of the co-hosts. Maybe I'll get another project together and link up.

  10. What a way to wind up 2012 with a very unique, and beautiful, project! It's so good to see one-of-a kind pieces.

    Using the MMS Milk Paint was genius, and I'm sure Mariam would wholeheartedly approve!

  11. Oh my....that's just a MUST KEEP!!! Awesome!!! ~Tammy

  12. I adore this! I'm hoping to give it a try in the spring, when it's a little warmer.

  13. just darling! thanks for sharing:)

  14. GENIUS!!! I have a wonky old table that needs fixed, but after seeing your transformation, I am thinking that this would be a better solution for me. Thanks for sharing this with Courtney at FCC!!

  15. I think this table will sell fast! It has just the right chippiness and is not over-done. :) I love that it fits in a corner. via MRL, Pat

  16. Yes! I am a BIG fan of chippy paint, and that is just perfect!

  17. I love the chippy look! You did a great job on the top...and of course on the build! I will remember this when I have 3 legs!

  18. love your table mimi! you did a fabulous job...I too would have a difficult time finding a corner to stage this. :)

  19. I love it.....I esp. love the set up with the window on it. Great job.


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