Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Four Poster Headboard Bench

Hey guess what?  I finally built a headboard bench.  Can you believe I never have?  It must of been this particular bed frame that finally inspired me to do it.  I love how tall the posts are and I've never really seen a headboard bench with the tall posts although I'm sure it's been done.  Hopefully It's not because I'm the only one who thinks it's cool. Ha.

It came with the canopy parts.  I thought it would be fun to use part of them on the bench.  Wouldn't the canopy be cute with lights wrapped around it or a cute bunting.  Or maybe grapevine or pip berries. Oh and at Christmas time you could do cedar garland and hang ornaments Gah! Oh the possibilities.


I made my seat 22" deep to allow for a cushion and some pillows.  The cushion will go with it but those are my pillows. I used them just for staging the photos.  I need to make some to display it in my shop space. 

For the finish I primed with latex primer tinted cream and then top coated with a light gray.  (Hand painted uggh I need a sprayer)I love the combo of gray and cream for a layered distressed finish.   I finished it with a matte clear coat. Both the paint and the finish are interior/exterior in case someone wants to use it outside on their front porch.  

For some reason my vision for this is to be in a tween girls bedroom.  I can just picture my nieces all curled on it reading a book and/or texting.  It's probably because some of my friends when I was young had this style of four poster bed in that creamy color you know from the 70's. With the ruffled white fabric canopy.  I just realized I always wanted one. 

The canopy part can be easily removed and just the finials can be put back on.  

Anywho I forgot to take pictures until I had already put the bench slats on so I have no tutorial to show.  Never fear I have two links for you, Gail's twin headboard bench tutorial & Holly's.

This was a fun project except for moving the thing around.  definitely need two people and a truck.  

Oh that reminds me of a funny story.  When I was loading the head and foot boards into my SUV all sweating and silently cursing there was this guy standing there just outside his business, smoking a cigarette watching me.  To get this thing to fit I had to angle it into the back then out the side door while running back and forth lifting it and pulling and pushing and this guy is just.watching.me. Finally he calls out to me "wow you're amazing I can't believe you got it in there."  Seriously Dude, couldn't offer to help?  So glad I could entertain you.  Then I thought I guess I was a stranger and he might be scared I was trying to go all silence of the lambs on him and trick him into the back of my car.  (it places the lotion in the basket..) Ya that was probably it.

OK well I guess that's it.  Have a good one!

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