Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deconstructed Ottoman

I really dig the deconstructed furniture thing.  I know it's not for everyone but for some reason I'm obsessed. 

I finally got a chance to try it.  My friend Susan had this ottoman and asked if I wanted to recover it.  We were both torn though because it was kinda cool how it was it just needed something.

So I took it home and waited for inspiration.  First I aged the wood with the vinegar & steel wool.  Then I sanded the finish off the legs.  Then it sat some more. 

Finally inspiration struck.  I whipped up a cushion cover out of burlap and sewed upholstery webbing in a Union Jack Pattern onto it.  Then I stuffed it with foam and batting.

I left the top cross piece long so that I could attach it to the ottoman with upholstery tacks. 

I like how you can see underneath the pillow a little bit.  There are springs under there so it's really cushy.

& I like the burlap roll thingy around the edges.

Whatcha think?  Are you feeling this look?


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