Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Market Sign

What is it about signs?  I just love making them.  This particular sign I made for my new shop space.  My space is on the second floor and has a half wall overlooking the main floor.  The wall isn't quite high enough for most furniture pieces and I was nervous to place things on the ledge.   My sister suggested I make some sort of shelf to set on the ledge with a sign on the back.  I thought that was a brilliant idea and this sign is what I came up with.  

I built a crate out of scrap wood and attached it to the back.    To secure it I screwed through the crate into the ledge.  Now if I don't have furniture in front of it I can display smalls inside the crate and on the ledge without worrying about them falling over.  (I am the biggest worry wort in the world by the way)

My inspiration came from a sign I saw in the Ballard Design Catalog.  I just love the interesting shape.  For my sign I started with a sheet of plywood and cut the design out with a jig saw.  I used scraps of molding for the top.  To get an old weathered look I treated it with the vinegar & steel wool solution I talked about here.  For the words I just used Microsoft Word I don't have any fancy programs.  To make them big I used the poster printing feature.  For more on that and the transfer technique I used go here

Here's what It looks like in my space looking up from the main floor.

& the back.  I have it pretty well blocked right now but hopefully this gives you and idea. 

I'm liking it in the space hopefully it will make people want to come upstairs and check things out.


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