Monday, July 23, 2012

Repurposed Bi-fold Doors into Bookcase

Here's a fun project I did a few weeks ago for a guest post on My Repurposed life.  I thought I'd share it here as well for those who may have missed it.  Here's what I started with

two bi-fold wood doors that I picked up at the Restore.

The first thing I did after removing all the hinges and handles was to router a channel into the doors for the back to fit into.  I used 1/4" pine beadboard boards for the back.  You know the kind that come wrapped up in packages at the big home stores.  To determine the width of my bookcase I cut the tung off one of the beadboard boards and dry fit them all together.  I measured then subtracted for the channels and cut my 1 x 4's accordingly.

The bi-folds doors are paneled and the spacers just happened to be the same size as a 1 x 4.  To attach the sides and support the shelves I drilled pocket holes into some 1 x 4's then glued and screwed everything together. 

I attached a 1 x 4 to the bottom front in the same way.

 I attached the beadboard to the back with glue and nails.

The shelves I made by gluing and clamping together 1 x pine boards.  I had to notch out the back corner of each shelf with my jig saw.  The shelves were all secured to the bookcase with glue and nails.

I wanted more shelves than there were 1 x 4's so I used 3/8" x 2" trim to support the additional shelves.  I glued and nailed them to the edges of the bi-fold doors and through the beadboard back.

For the top of the bookshelf I decided to router the edge of the top board to continue the look of the crown molding.  I like big crown.

Because of the way the bi-fold doors are designed there was a gap between the crown and the middle part of the top of the door.  I filled it by gluing and nailing a 1/4" dowel to the door.   I think it ties in with the bead of the beadboard.

I finished the edges of the shelves off with some trim I also picked up at the Restore.

For the paint finish I started by priming the whole cabinet with oil based primer because the doors appeared to have been sealed with oil based poly.  I could tell by the lovely yellowness of them.  I decided to do a two tone as well as try a new technique I have been seeing all around the blogisphere.   For the inside I used a flat latex Robins Egg Blue color.   For the outside I tried the vaseline technique to get a chippy look. 


The first coat was a layer of dark brown latex.  Once that dried I randomly touched areas I wanted to look "chippy" with the vaseline.   Paint wont stick to where you put the vaseline.  I didn't go overboard with it because I didn't want it to end up looking like a spotted cow.


I liked the look but.... I'm so used to sanding to distress that I started sanding and then ended up sanding over the whole thing with my palm sander.  I'm happy with how the finish turned out in the end.  I finished the whole thing off with clear acrylic satin.  I have been using chalk paint so much lately it was fun to play with good old latex again.  

This thing turned out tall. 

There ya have it.  Thanks for reading!


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Full Circle Creations said...

You did a fabulous job on it. I love the color and the molding. You do like a lot of crown. :)


Anne said...

a thing of beauty. Thanks for the tips on trim, I'm going to need them...

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That is amazing, I LOVE it! x

Anonymous said...

That is so, so nice!!! However, I just say, you are better at math and figuring how to assemble things than I am. I can do a mean paint job, but assembly...not so good.

LovePetunia said...

Your skills are amazing and an inspiration! This piece turned out great!

Katie Goldsworthy said...

Another beautiful and awesome piece! I want to come work on a project with you sometime!

Nice use of the doors! Very clever!


Jamie K. said...

OMG and I have 2 sets..just wondering what I will do. Now to find someone to help...yea! Absolutely LOVE these! Thank you!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I made a cabinet for the garage several years ago, from the bi-fold door we took down in our bedroom! your shelf is lovely!

Terry Moore said...

I want your skills with building! I realize this was easy and fun but I have not concurred doing the whole construction by myself...hubby is so much better at it. Oh but yours turned out fantastic.

tigerchick said...

Beautiful-- love this!

Becca said...

Oh Mimi- you are one talented lady! This was yet another clever project, chica!
xo Becca

Anonymous said...

Вы просто молодец, получилось очень красиво!!!!

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