Friday, January 6, 2012

My Mail Man Hates Me

You think I'm joking?

Yesterday on my lunch break I went to my local grocery store to buy my lunch.   A lean pocket and a Caesar salad kit ya know with the croutons & parmesan yum.  As I'm checking out I see the new Country Living Magazine on the shelf titled "The New Way to do Neutrals."  It has a beautiful photo of a farmhouse sink on the front inside rustic wood cabinet.  I am excited because I know when I see Country Living magazine on the shelf I will have it in my mailbox in like a couple days. 

Fast Forward.

Today I leave work 3 hours early because I am sick and as I am driving home almost there I think hmm maybe I will check the mail and my new Country Living Magazine will be there.  

and it is, except it is sopping wet. ??? Not kinda wet, soaked.

What the ??

Is there a leak in my mailbox?  Wait nothing else is wet.  Someone broke into my mailbox and soaked my beloved Country Living Magazine?  I don't get it. 

Clearly my mail man hates me.  

So what did I do.  I wrote a sternly written note to the mail man and... no I didn't I actually put on my jammies and climbed on the couch and carefully turned the pages of my soaking wet Country Living Magazine and pulled out anything that looked interesting and laid those pages out to dry.

Yes I did.

Today was not my favorite.  Seriously what the heck happened to my magazine?

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