Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yes I covered up a window.  Who needs natural light in a room anyways.  Really, I love natural light who doesn't, but that window has been bugging me for years.  I could never find the right treatment for it and after building the faux mantel below it I decided to try something new.  The adjacent wall has a huge bay window so there is enough light from there. 

I have been toying with the idea of either a mirror, an art piece or shutters.  Yesterday I decided lets try a mirror.  

I started with a cheap 48 inch full length mirror that you can get anywhere.  I've had it forever.
I removed the pretty plastic trim.  It is just glued onto the cardboard backer so it pulled right off. 

For the frame I first thought bead board like the picture frame I made a while back (found here), or maybe glue the mirror to plywood and add fancy trim like my Trumeau mirror (found here).  Then I saw some white rough outdoor trim that I got out of the cull bin at Home Depot and I thought rustic wood be a nice contrast to the clean white mantel.  I didn't quite have enough so I went for a walk up to the pile of salvaged wood we have to see if maybe there was a chunk up there I could use.   Nothing in the pile but on my way back I spotted the old fascia board we replaced on our garage.   (It was still leaning up against the side of the Garage) It was too warped and weathered to stay on the roof but for a rustic frame, perfect.  See this is why you should never get rid of anything.

Since I was going for rustic and simple I didn't even miter the corners I just butted them up and used my boyfriend the Kreg Jig Jr to make pocket holes.  Also I didn't have to cut the mirror because it wasn't sitting inside a frame it was just attached to the back.  

The mirror had cardboard backing that stuck out 1/2" past the mirror (shown in above picture) perfect for attaching the mirror to the wood using my staple gun.   The beauty of these cheap mirrors is that they are so light weight that's all it took.

Before I attached the back I had to clean the wood it was pretty grungy.  I used a scrub brush with bleach and soap and then hosed it off with hot water in the shower.  Once it was clean it wasn't quite as bleached out as I had hoped but it is naturally weathered and I think the wood is beautiful.

Above you can see the window above the mirror, I left the curtain up so you can't tell from the outside.

Enough talk here's some pictures.

nail holes and old paint

To see how I built the mantel go here.  I promise no more pictures of the mantel for awhile.

I am so glad I finally got inspired to create something.  I was starting to worry since the last few weekends I haven't felt like doing anything.  I guess that's just how it goes sometimes.  

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! 

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Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love the mirror and frame over the mantel! It looks much more balanced.

Michelle said...

That is so awesome! What a brilliant idea. I love it!

Angela said...

Looks like that was the perfect solution! Great work!!

I Know The Plans I Have For You said...

That is awesome! I have that mirror and was going to get rid of it because the frame broke didn't and I have some barn wood that would be perfect for that project!thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

Brilliant! Looks fantastic!

Creatively Living

Alicia @ Sweet Ava Kate said...

Love the new look, it's the perfect solution. I hope you have a Happy New Year, Mimi! Cheers!

Shazzacatzz said...

Really clever and quite fabulous

Shannon said...

LOVE it!!! What a great solution. :) Way to work with what you've got!

Heather said...

Great idea! The window over the mantel accentuated the "faux-ness" of the fireplace, but now it looks like the real deal. I loved how you worked with what you already had.

Robin said...

Great idea. the wood is just fabulous.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that looks amazing! i love the rustic appeal and finish!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

It looks great. I love the rustic wood you used and how great that it came off your house and was free.

Kellie Collis said...

What a brilliant fix! It looks wonderful! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Very Creative.
I'm inspired. I have a very rustic entertainment center. And old mirror(made from a window)
I like the way your mirror looks all rustic over your faux mantle I think I may make a switch and move stuff around!
You're such a trend setter!


Becca said...

I super duper love it! Great job!
Pinned it!

Carwin Candids said...

So so so much better! I think I will go and frame my cheap-o mirror.....Thanks!

Susan @ said...

I totally love this mirror! I really like that it is a light weight one that you don't have to worry about hanging because it's really heavy!
Beautiful job, I'm pinning this and I think I might just copy you :)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love what you've done! I have several of these in storage and you, my girl, have got my brain a buzzin'. And if I had a place for it, your mantel would be high on my list. Maybe I need to rethink some furniture in here....Great job!

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