Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adding a Little Storage to the Craft Room

So I'm home from work for a couple snow days so I decided why not finish my craft storage project.  I only started it in November.  The craft room is the original log cabin part of the house to read more about that go here.  All I had in there for storage was a cute little cabinet and a bunch of suitcases.  I had been thinking of building something and then I found something at the Restore that would work it just needed a face lift.   

It was solid and I liked the crown molding and the big drawers.  I added a shelf and a new back. My husband kept asking me how much did you pay for that?  He didn't see my vision for it. 

I used the can of Paris Grey ASCP that I had purchased for my kitchen island.  Then it sat for 2 months.  I just wasn't happy with all gray.  It actually looks like a lavender gray in this room.  

I decided to add a touch of Old White to the details.  I love it now, it gave it a little interest. 

I sprayed the pulls and knobs oil rubbed bronze.  I also sprayed some into the cap and used a small brush to paint the brass parts on the glass.  So much better. 

I kept the little white cabinet and just moved her over to the corner.

For this room I try to embrace the cabin feel.  I have been painting all the woodwork white in the rest of the house but in here I love the rustic wood walls and floor.  It is a cabin after all.


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  1. That is gorgeous!! I love it! You're right, the white adds just the right detail. I'm FB it right now to shout it out!

  2. Awesome!!! I love paint on ugly furniture! Turned out fantastic!


  3. Beautiful! Love the grey and white and ORB.

  4. wonderfull!amazing how just painting the brass changed the glass.I love it :)

  5. Wow! Great job. One can never have enough storage!

  6. Love it! The details in white just "make" the piece. Love that it has drawers too! Does your hubby "get it" now?

  7. Oh Mimi how beautiful! I love that colour and the white detail is perfection. Great job!!

  8. Perfect! You really brought out the cool details of that piece. Bet you're loving all the storage too!

  9. Love the gray and white! I've got an armoire that I'd like to do something like this to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I love it! I'm in love with the whole feel of the room. The wicker trunk and old suitcases really caught my eye. Wishing I would've picked up the old gray blue samsonite I saw the other day...

  11. mimi!! I love it! Grays are difficult to choose! I painted my island gray LAST year, and it looks lavender. Have I repainted it? Nope! Because I can't figure out what color I want.
    great job, love the white accents!

  12. Great storage piece, Mimi! I just tried the Paris Grey myself last week for the first time. I do like it but the sample pot is fine for me. Also tried the Duck Egg this week; really like that one!

    Visiting from WUW :)

  13. I spend so many hours on Sundays and holidays perusing the second-hand markets and travelling to yard sales. Over the years I’ve found all kinds of interesting things that I then bring home, only to be laughed at by the rest of the family, who then have to apologise as I transform into something beautiful!


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