Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Spider Egg

I fear I will never finish my kitchen project.... things just keep getting in the way.  Important things like this.

Scary isn't it.  I love this.  I got the idea from my sister who got the idea from Martha Stewart a few years ago.  Martha's version of the spider egg was made out of a balloon & plaster of paris (tutorial here).  My sister decided to make hers by using good old flour and water paper mache which worked great.  I have always wanted to make one for my workplace but I wanted it bigger.  So I used an exercise ball, lord knows it wasn't being used for "exercising".

Here's what I did.

To make the nest I started with a typical grapevine wreath I had lying around.  Then I stuffed some mossy branches from the yard into it then added some more moss here and there.  I did it all on a piece of card board so that it could easily travel to work without making too big of a mess.

I tucked a few sculls and bones and laid some creepy cloth from the dollar store over the cardboard.


The exercise ball I used for the egg was gray and had raised rings around it so after cutting a jagged hole to make it look broken I turned it inside out so it was smooth.  Then spray painted it off white not worrying about total coverage because I like some gray showing through, it gives it a little more depth.

Problem, the exercise ball is kinda floppy.  To make it stand up better I put some cardboard and a metal hanger in it. 

Oh look someones hatching right now. 

I borrowed the spiders from my sister.  Her annual Halloween Party is always the weekend before Halloween.  She is crazy for Halloween.  She decorates the whole house.  It's insane. She has a shed designated for all her decorations and it is full.  She probably has 30 big spiders, no lie. 

I am excited to take this to work tomorrow.  We usually go all out with the decorations and everyone dresses up but this year we are remodeling so we cant decorate.  There's always room for a spider egg though right? 

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Alicia @ Sweet Ava Kate said...

I know exactly what you mean, my kitchen banquette is still in it's natural wood state. All the other "small" projects are more fun, especially this time of year! Was actually prepping it for priming last night. I REALLY want to get it finished! On another note... I'm loving the spider egg! So spooky! Thanks for your comments, my friend! Happy Halloween! :)

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Creepy! I hate spiders.
I 'm in the same boat with all my unfinished projects...we'll get it done one day. ; )
Happy Halloween!

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