Monday, September 19, 2011

My Husband Told Me No and Other Nonsense

So what did he say NO to you ask?  He wont let me paint over the brass on out pellet stove.   I know I previously said he supports everything I do yadda yadda but he put his foot down on spray painting the pellet stove.  I don't see why, geez this thing is old, it's practically an antique. 

I guess I get it, we do use it all winter long to heat the house.  It gets pretty warm and he's concerned that even high heat paint will fail.  We've talked about upgrading but it still works so it stays.

Even with the brass it's actually one of my favorite things in this quirky cabin.  I love the brick around it.  I love how warm and cozy it makes the room.  The sound it makes, sort of a hum with a few clicks thrown in here and there, it's just home to me.  

I guess it's not that big of a deal.  So many other things I should be worrying about right?  Like the economy or if I'm gonna still like Two and a Half Men with Ashton instead of Charlie.  At least hubby doesn't have any objection to painting the kitchen cabinets thank goodness.  It's gonna happen soon.

Soooo does your Hubby ever tell you no when it comes to decorating?  Do you just wait until he's gone and do it anyways?  Do tell.

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