Monday, August 15, 2011

Garage Sales Are My Favorite & Kitchen Plans

Had to start with the pretty picture.  I will get to that in a just a bit but first I have to tell you about my Garage sale scores.   My Mom is back in town visiting so we headed down to my Uncle's house to hang out while he was having a Garage sale.   The whole neighborhood was doing it so we got to roam around.  The first thing I found was an old fish scale.  It had a $5 sticker on it.  I was kinda unsure about spending 5 whole dollars on it and then the lady said she'd sell me everything on the table for $7.  So I gave her $7.  This was what was on the table.

All useful stuff.  Of course now we have like seven hammers but oh well, can you really have too many hammers?

I am so glad I got the scale for my husband.  He fishes a lot and I think it will look cool hanging by the boat. 

At another house I got this frame for $3

The frame is in excellent shape.  The picture is scratched up. I'm thinking chalk board.   I am not sure what color to paint the frame or maybe I should just leave it gold, what do you think?   

The ball jars I got for $1 a piece, I don't have any with lids like this.  The metal thing is a chicken feeder, I need that why?    I don't need those pictures either but I think they are pretty.   

Now for the most awesome garage sale purchase ever.

Granite, guess how much I paid for enough granite to do my whole(tiny) kitchen?  You're not gonna believe it.  $20.  No lie.  I actually got her to agree to sell it to me for $15 but then after they helped us load it (that stuff is heavy) and she dropped it on her fingers, I was feeling pretty guilty.  My sister and I looked at each other and she said "you better give her that other 5 bucks" So I did.  Still a screaming deal.   I got four pieces that are 25" X 32" two are in great shape and two have some broken corners.  That's okay though because we are going to have to cut them anyways.  I am so excited to have granite.  Right now we have tile and I despise the grout lines. I will never tile a counter top again I'd rather have Formica.

My plan for the Kitchen is to continue painting all the pine tung and groove paneling white like I did around the banquette.  I also want to paint the cabinets and make a new island.  I love the look of white cabinets and black counters.


Now I just need a $20 farmhouse sink to go with my $20 granite.  I wont hold my breathe.   If you know where to get a screaming deal on a farmhouse sink please share.

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A Few Pennies said...

OMG; I was admiring all the bargains til I got to the black granite and then jaw-dropped--that is a deal! I have a small kitchen too; and like you wanting white cabinets with black granite. Awesome deals you got; love the inspiration.

Catherine said...

you are so lucky! i have been looking everyday for an isaland! i am totally jealous

::David and Erin:: said...

You can actually get decent farmhouse sinks at Ikea. Just a thought. LOVE the kitchen!

Robin said...

WOW! You are on a garage sale roll! Amazing deal on the countertops. I also love the look of white cabients and black countertops - - it's so classic and chic. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi ~ I just found your blog and I think it's great! I am amazed by the things you make and your tutorials are excellent. Your kitchen inspiration photos are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

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