Friday, July 8, 2011

Pantry Doors Tutorial

You may remember a few months back I was working on a major remodel of my sisters kitchen.  Her kitchen had harvest gold curved counters and it was time to say good bye to the 1970's.

I mentioned in the pantry post that I would show how I made the pantry cabinet doors.  I recently had a reader (thanks Veronica) ask me if I was still going to do that and so here it is.  Truth be known I was a little burnt out on the whole kitchen remodel and needed a break.  I did take pictures when I built them with the intention of posting about it so I might as well show ya right? 

The kitchen budget was small so I had to get creative.  In the design phase I was looking for some cabinet doors and the only thing I found were these hollow core doors for $8.  They had similar panels to the island cabinet doors so I thought I'd give them a try.   

The first thing I did was cut them to the right length with a skill saw.  This allowed me to peek inside and see what was going on in there.  Then the rest of it came together in my head.  I decided to rip them down with my tablesaw to solve the problem of being too thick.  Basically I just set the blade height at about two inches and ran the door through upright along both sides.

Now you too know what the inside of a hollow core door looks like.  Just what you've always wanted to know right?  Above you can see that the door has wood on the sides to give it it's strength.  I cut it so that the side pieces were the same thickness as a 1 x pine board.  

I built a shelf system out of 1X pine boards glued and nailed together. I used the panel I cut off to back it so you can't see the back of the panels through the shelves.

Here's a shot of the shelves on top of the panel door.  I used strips of pine as spacers to fill in around the shelving and give something for the hinges to hold onto.

I used alot of glue, clamped and nailed everything together.  I did a test hanging to make sure the glue and nails would hold.  I fully expected it to fall apart.  It didn't.  It's still holding strong to date. 

(that's my workshop in the background with the worst color of yellow walls ever!)

So that is how I made the pantry doors.  Her kitchen is almost done just one more little thing for me to do..... build a corner cabinet to fill in the space next to her new stove.  My Sis has painted all the old cabinets a new lighter cream color, painted the ceiling and finished up the trim.  Oh and I still have to show you the new open shelf area above the sink and the new microwave cabinet. I haven't seen it since she has painted except in picture texts so I am excited to see her progress.  She is loving her new kitchen. 

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Genius. I love the unit. You were very creative. Hugs, Marty

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