Friday, July 22, 2011

Dining Room Paint Color

I have had a few readers ask me what color my dining room walls are.  A couple of them are no reply comment people so I couldn't answer them.  So I am posting about it.  Don't hate me but it's a custom mix.  Initially I did what I always do which is I picked a color that was too bright. I wanted a grayish blue color that wasn't too blue, easy right, um not so much.  So After picking the wrong color I added some of my entry color, sort of a medium taupe , which toned it down, and I got the color I wanted.  In person the color is sometimes gray, sometimes blue & even greenish.  Painting the paneling white really pulls the blue out of it. I love it, it's blue without being cold.

If anyone wants to see a sample I will happily paint some on a swatch and mail it to you so you can have it color matched or use it to match up with other samples.  Email me your address.  I wont stalk you I swear. 
Story time....  About 12 years ago (omg I'm old) I used to work in the paint department at Home Depot.  It was alot of fun at times but the retail hours got old.  Now days the joke around my house is that I know how to do everything related to home improvement because I used to work at Home Depot.  Obviously that is soooo not true, not even close, but I did learn a few things.  (just dont ask me about paint sprayers I successfully avoided that area like the plague)  My favorite part of mixing paint was when people would ask me if I thought the color they picked went with whatever it is they brought in to match.  The most common thing people did was to pick colors that were too bright.  I loved it when I could help them find the right shade.  Sometimes people brought back the paint they purchased because it just wasn't the right color and I would tweak the color by adding this or that tint. (I dont know if I was supposed to be doing that but hey, they were just gonna return it anyways so what was there to lose?)  Most often all I would have to do is add some brown tint, or green if something had to much red in it.  The point of my story is when you pick a color always pick something a little more subdued than you think because once you get it on the wall it changes.  (I dont know how many times I have painted a patch on the wall and then grabbed the sample and held it up thinking no way did I pick this color.)  You all know this right? I know this and I still picked a color that was too bright. ;) Just believe whatever I say I used to work at Home depot so I know, right?

Have an awesome weekend!

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