Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am creatively challenged this week so I thought I'd tell you a story.

So this weekend I attended my brother-in-laws Air force retirement party.  It was a great party with so much wonderful food.  He is a great guy and all his buddies came out to celebrate. 

The home it was at is the perfect party location complete with barn and fire pit.  It didn't rain but it was COLD.  Perfect night for a bonfire.  Just so happens there was a HUGE burn pile in the pasture that they planned to light when it got dark.  Fun right.  It was probably 20 ft wide and 15 ft tall.  Lots of stumps and branches and old cedar fencing.  220 FEET OF OLD WEATHERED CEDAR FENCING they kept saying was underneath it all. 

Cedar fencing? So friends you know what I was screaming in my head right? "Do you know what I could make with 220 feet of perfectly weathered cedar fencing!?!?" 

I had to watch it burn for hours, sober by the way, because I was driving.  I was in physical pain I tell you. 

I don't know why I feel the need to share this but I do. Oh wait I know why, it's because all of you who love to reuse, repurpose, and just plain love old weathered wood would have thought the same thing. My people.

Seriously, 220 ft of old cedar fencing burns real good though ;)
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Full Circle Creations said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That just makes my heart ache. A bon fire is great and I've taken part in many, but we never burned anything that good. 220 feet...I'm sad just thinking about it.


Ashleigh@Sincerely said...

Ahhhh so sad!

We used to have a barn when I was little but tore it down. If only my 12 year old self knew to save that wood! Hahah.

MariaS said...

OMG! You couldn't salvage even one little bit? This truly makes me so sad....perfectly weathered cedar...and lot's of it!

Denice said...

Oh my gosh!! I had no idea that was what was at the bottom of that HUGE pile! I'm SO sorry! I would have run out there and threw myself on it before they lit it, all just for you! ;-) I guess I was so involved in the retirement and party, that I never even heard what was underneath it all. :-( But, you truly handled your sorrow well. Thanks for being a big part of our big day! Love you! :-)

anangloinquebec said...

Ouch! That would be very painful...the cedar part makes it even harder to swallow!

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