Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trumeau Mirror or whatever you wanna call it

Why is it that I cannot finish a project in one sitting??? I started this thing last weekend determined to finish it.  It didn't happen. Shocking isn't it.

I have been wanting to make a "frame" for my mirror for a while.  You know how it goes you think about it, add it to the to do list and one day you see a fabulous mirror somewhere and it moves up the list.  You kind of think about it some more.  Then just have to do it.  This is how it went for me. Mine is different then my inspirations but I love it.  As far as the color goes I almost lost my nerve.  I asked my hubby if he cared if I painted it bright blue and he said everything you do looks good so do whatever you want (Seriously LOVE that man). 

I couldn't finish it last weekend because the plywood refused to take the paint and I ran out.  So this week I got some more spray paint and it was on again.

To make the "frame" I cut a piece of plywood to the size I wanted. The mirror came from an old sliding shower door that we got rid of years ago. For the top and bottom trim I used some of the short pieces of molding I had lying around from previous projects.  I purchased moulding that had a channel in it to hold the mirror down. The plywood I got from my husbands stash.

I laid the mirror on the plywood and started playing around with different trim. Two hours later I was still staring at it.  I finally told myself just start cutting women or you will never get done.  It went pretty quick after that.  I used glue and my handy dandy nail gun to attach the trim being extra careful with the trim around the mirror.

The carved piece along the top is something I got a million years ago but never quite figured out what to do with.  It is made of resin and cost $3.99.  The sticker was still on it from some liquidators store I don't remember ever going to.  The design is grapevine and birds.

I spray painted, dry brushed with off white paint and used dark brown glaze to finish.  I used Ocean Breeze spray paint by Krylon.  This color is BRIGHT, the glazing really tones it down.  I used the same color on an end table that is across the room (shown here) and similar blues are in artwork and pillows in the room.

I love the color against the dark wall. 

This is the view when you walk into the room.  That is my slip covered recliner in the photo above.  As you can see my kitty has clawed the side of the back.  I could just throttle kitty except that he's so darn cute.  The window treatment needs some work pretend you don't notice that ;)I was going to make a roman shade but never finished.

Ya know I really have no idea what style I am going for here but I like it.  Thank you so much for reading let me know what you think.  Oh and if you have an idea for a window treatment for such a small window attach a link, I would love that!

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