Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Potting Shed

What a gorgeous weekend!! Finally, we really needed it here.  Did you get outside?  I did!  I weeded. I actually like weeding.  Well not all the time but sometimes, it's mindless work and it looks so good when you're done. Of course by July around here you'd think I never weeded. ;) 

Have I told you I love my Potting Shed?  I do.  I LOVE IT.  It makes me happy.   I have a picture of it in my blog header but I thought I'd give you a closer look.

My husband built it for me last summer.  We tore down an old ugly lean-to shed and used the lumber and metal roofing to build this shed.  We used a salvaged door and old windows.   

I made the cupola.  It's my FAVORITE part. I found a tutorial online and then sorta winged it from there.  I am quite certain it will only last a few years before it rots out since I used shutters for the louvered part but oh well.  My hubby put the metal on the cupola roof for me.

I had to re-glaze the window above .  UGGH! I never want to do that again.  It is tedious work, but I do love those old windows.  I believe they both came from the original cabin so that made it worth the effort.

Here's the inside.  This cabinet was in another shed on the property.  I did nothing to it but move it.  The finish is perfectly chippy and worn.  I love the color. 

I made the sign after seeing a sign in The Ballard Designs catalog.   The crate and the bucket I found in a shed here too. 

So I thought I'd explain why we have random stuff like this cabinet just lying around.  My husbands grandparents lived here before us and they never got rid of anything.  Seriously they kept everything, 30 years of stuff.  So that is why we have lots of wood scraps, old windows, random things.  My husband and I joke that all we have to do is think of something and then go look around and we will find it.   Then there's us.  We never get rid of anything either.  If a piece of wood is more than a foot long I swear it physically hurts me to get rid of it. 

The potting shed is next to my vegetable garden.  I will post pictures of my garden later once things start growing.

I like the way the blue sky (haven't seen that in awhile) and clouds reflect in the glass in this photo. 

Thanks for checking out my Potting shed! 

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