Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Cabinet gets her Legs

Hey How's it going?  Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Potting Shed.  You all are the sweetest!  Seriously you're my favorite.  No one in "real life" will listen to me talk about my potting shed for more than 5 seconds, let alone look at pictures ;)  They don't get it. 

I wanna show you my latest project, I just finished her.

Do you recognize what I built this out of?  I took before and during pictures but I must have deleted them without loading onto the computer??? I cannot find them now this is the best before I could do.

Yep it’s a one of those oak stereo cabinets. With the rounded trim and two smokey glass doors.  Just Awesome.  (Not!)  We used it up until a year ago when thankfully the oak clad TV (circa 1990's)bit the dust & we got some new goods.  It was all oak, all the time in our living room as you can see from the picture.  Anyways It's been in the garage since then until inspiration struck.  Here’s what I did.

I started by adding some furniture legs purchased from a Home Improvement store.  I used glue then pre-drilled and screwed the legs onto the bottom.  Then filled the screw holes with wood filler.

For the top I miter cut crown molding then glued and nailed it with my nail gun.  That's it.  

I love her legs.   

For now she sits it the corner of my craft room. 

For the finish I primed, painted gray, lightly dry brushed with cream paint and then finished with dark brown almost black glaze.  The glaze I used is Ralph Lauren tinted chocolatey brown.  I added some black craft paint until it was the shade I wanted. 

Most of the furniture in that room is painted creamy white so I thought I’d try something different. 

Whatcha think?  

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