Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome Sign out of Cabinet Door

I am totally addicted to the Habitat for Humanity store.  I go there once a week.  You never know what you are gonna find.  A few weeks ago I found this cabinet door for $2. Perfect size for making a sign.  I have found so many great things there, I tell you it's like a drug to me.

Anyhow, this sign is for my friend Jen.  In December I made a Merry Christmas sign (out of a cabinet door of course) for our gift exchange at work.  Jen ended up with it and after Christmas she mentioned she was going to miss it so I said I'd make her one that could last the rest of the year.  She plans to add hooks to the bottom and hang it in her entry. It is very simple now but I know the hooks will help jazz it up.  The detail on the cabinet door is my favorite. 

Here's how I made it.  First I removed the grungy hardware and filled the holes with wood filler.  I cleaned it, then lightly sanded to prep for paint.  

Next I painted it with interior satin latex paint.  

Now for the stencil.  To make a custom stencil simply print out the word or design on paper then cover it with several layers of clear packing tape to stiffen it up.  Use tape on both sides of the paper. (If you use card stock for the paper it makes it that much stiffer)  Cut out the design with a razor blade knife and you will have a stencil which can be used over and over again.  Welcome signs for everyone! 

(eww this photo turned out greeny didn't it)

I used a blend of black and brown craft paint for the stencil. I ended up using a small paint brush to fill in and clean up some of the lines.  This font needed to be a little more crisp then some I've used before if that makes sense.  After the stencil paint dried I distressed the edges with sand paper. To make the details of the the door pop I thinned down the stencil paint with water and wiped it on then off with a cloth.  I suppose I should have finished it off with a clear coat but I really never do that.  It's just a sign it should be okay, right?  I hope she likes it!

So what I learned for next time is that you cant use wall paint for a stencil it is to thin it leaks through and looks terrible.  Also for this font I could have just use tracing paper to trace the word onto the sign then fill in by hand painting instead of making a stencil. I usually don't do that because I am not good at detail painting with a small brush and it always looks crooked and like a child painted it.  Live and learn!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Humble Homemaker said...

Totally cute! I really really want to make a wooden sign... I keep seeing them everywhere! But I tried once to cut out my own stencil with a crafting knife and it wasn't too great... maybe I will give it another go. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower. :)

Liz said...

Love it! Great tip for making a stencil.

Humble Homemaker said...

Hey, I was thinking you should share this on my Weekend Review Link Party today. :) I know others would love it just as much as me!
Take care.

Mimi said...

Humble Homemaker thank you for the tip, ahhhhh I tryed to follow the steps on another blog but they were talking about widgets?!??? That was easy! I love bloggers you all are so helpful! Thanks for following! I am headed over to your blog now!

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Looks great. Love that you painted the Welcome yourself rather than using vinyl.

Katie said...

Love what I've seen on your site so far! Can't wait to see more! I'm awarding you one of my Stylish Blogger Awards.

Click here for more details:

Creatively Living Outside the Box

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful, and I loved that you made it out of a cabinet! There's a discount building store where they have cabinet doors super cheap, so I can't wait to try it. :-)

Humble Homemaker said...

Hi! Thanks for hooking up to my Link Party last weekend! I have picked your projet to feature on This Weekends Party. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Click on the link below to check it out and get your featured button! Have a great day.
Humble Homemaking

Nicole said...

This post is great for so many reasons! I love the idea of making your own stencil; why haven't I thought of that? :) And the sign looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for the inspiration. I had just picked up a cabinet door from the ReStore when I found this post. I never have luck with exacto knives so I traced the letters on with graphite paper. Here is my version:

Thanks again!!

zh911020 said...
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