Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Entry Shelf

I build shelves.  That’s my favorite thing.  Some are in my home, some I have given away, some I have sold.   One of my favorites is the one I made for my entry. 

Our entry is small about  4 1/2’X6’ with the front door at an angle.  I wanted to make hall tree but there is really not room for one.

The door you see to the left is a closet.  My inspiration came from a combination of the Pottery barn entry shelf (too big) and a shelf I saw on etsy. (I cant find it now to link to :( )  I knew I wanted lots of hooks and cubbies for display.     

The bracket on the right I found at a salvage store.  They had a bin full of them.  I wish I would have bought more. It's decorative and it hides a wierd board the was sticking out of the wall.  I told you my house is quirky right? 

The bench I made from reclaimed wood.  I love how rustic the wood is.  The basket is a great place to hold items that need to be brought out to my work shop like small tools, drill bits, screws.  Those things are everywhere in my house.  Creative frenzies are messy, right. 
I made the shelf out of pine boards.  For the sides I drew the bracket design on paper first then cut it out and traced it onto the board. 

I usually screw 2 boards together and cut them at one time with my jig saw so they are the same shape. (it's faster too) Then I just fill in the holes with wood putty or leave them depending on how rustic I want it.  To put it all together I use my pneumatic nail gun and wood glue.  I looove my nail gun!  For the back I used a piece of beadboard.  

To distress the wood this is my favorite tool. 

(ok it's a board with nails through it) Looks medieval right?  I think it gives rustic pieces some depth.  I just randomly pound on the wood til I get the desired effect.  

Then I painted, sanded the edges and wiped wood stain on then off to age.  Finishing is the hardest part for me.  I have learned so much from other blogs but this is something I struggle with.
The old beat up oar was a gift from my husband.  I had mentioned I wanted to find one and one day he brought it home for me.  Better than roses.   He does listen to my rambling decorating talk. J Hope you like my shelf, thanks for visiting!

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Joselyn said...

Pottery Barn watch out! Nice job!

Nicole said...

Umm... ahem. Can you make me one? Please? This is GORGEOUS. I am so impressed with your skills!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your shelf is very pretty and super functional. I love the feel of your home, and you have done some amazing projects. Welcome to blogging!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

If I could make those shelves I would too. It certainly doesn't look handmade. You do a very professional job.

andrea of ffft said...

I was a bit confused when you said "make" shelves. But you really DO make them... GOOD FOR YOU! I love woodworking, but don't have a shop or tools accessible anymore so don't get to do much of it. I do what I can though. I spent the last five years living in the smallest one bedroom apartment with two boys, so not much of that going on... now that I am back in a house, hopefully that will change! I am going to take up stained glass too... mwahahahaaaa...

Love what you said about the oar being better than roses... isn't it though? I love when they actually listen to you... :) Every once in awhile my guy will show me something he found in one of my shelter mags, and I get all gushy and think "you seriously read these?" but I love the feeling that he is taking an interest in my interests :)

Gorgeous shelf!

Trish said...

I absolutely love this! Fantastic job! I am really getting into making stuff like this! How inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Your shelf is so freakin cute! I would like to start making things i.e. carpentry, but my husband seems to think, because I'm so spazy, that I will lose a finger...or two. But since he works so much overtime, and I'm getting tired of waiting for him to do projects around the house that I want done, I'm thinking of giving it a try.

Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

I love the shelf it is beautiful! It is awesome that you actually made the shelf yourself. said...

Oh my! I love everything about your shelf!

Gillian Layne said...

My entry is just like this. You did such a wonderful job. What great inspiration!

Diane said...

Truly a great job on the shelf! Lots of inspiration throughout your web site too!

zh911020 said...

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