Saturday, February 5, 2011

Copycat challenge-Miss Mustard Seed

My blog is so new and not quite ready to show yet but I want to play Miss Mustard Seed and Funky Junk Donna’s copy me challenge so I’m gonna just go for it.  I have been reading Miss Mustard Seed for over a year now.  She totally inspires me.  I love her style and hers is the first blog I pull up when I have time.   I have learned so much from her so you know I have recovered a few things with drop cloths already.  It was dang hard for me to try and emulate her style.  Her style is more polished than mine.  The first thing I came up with just wasn't right.  After redoing it here’s what I have. 

Now I know MMS would never have an orangey table like this, it should be either darker stain, or painted white and lightly distressed. Or perhaps dark stained top, creamy white base. Ohhhh that's what I'm gonna do when I finish the 10 projects I'm already working on.  The table was given to me by my mother and I love it.  It has a drop leaf top, curved legs.  Must refinish.  For now pretend it is not orange.  Ugh and look how orange my floor looks, it's light oak color in person.  I recovered this chair recently, yep with a drop cloth.  I bought the sewing machine attachment to make the double welting and my sweet mother in law let me use her sewing machine to make it.  My sewing machine is a very basic. It does the job but you cant find any fancy attachments for it.  I love how it turned out except I need to get a thicker bottom cushion and redo the seat.  It looks and feels puny.  I picked up the set of the chairs for $5 a piece at a garage sale.  I haven’t gotten to the other one yet (shocking I know).  
The old family photo is of my Mom and her brother.  I made the moss topiary in a ceramic vase I got from Ross.  The metal pitcher type thing on the floor I also got from my mother.  It is beat up and rusty and for some reason I always wanted it even before I moved out of the house.  She finally gave it to me when she moved out of state.  Throw in some skeleton keys, an old book, and the mirrored star to add some sparkle.
 I can't compete but that's okay I read a quote a couple days ago, I can't remember where but I know it was on a blog of someone who went to Blissdom, was it MMS?  It read "once you find who you truly are, you have no competition" or something like that.  That was the gist and I love it.  
My attempt at Miss Mustard Seed this was fun.
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Lisa said...

I just love it! You did an incredible job! and I love the table! It suits your decor! Your photo is incredible with the plays of light off the floor...I am so impressed! I hope you win!

Vintage Home said...

wow great job love it!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

The chair and pillow are wonderful! You did a fantastic job. :)

Amber said...

You scored that chair for $5?? Wow! You did a gorgeous job recovering it! And that pillow is so pretty!

I think that drop leaf table will be so pretty stained dark with a cream base.

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