Saturday, March 3, 2018

Upholstery Workshops

I have something super exciting to share. Well I'm super excited about it and my hope is some of you will be as well. After much back and forth I have decided to host Upholstery Workshops. I have wanted to for a long time but I kept telling myself that I have to wait til someday when I have more space or when I'm tired of doing so much upholstering myself. Lately it's that thing that I wake up wanting to do then spend the whole day convincing myself not to. Today I woke up and decided why wait? I actually CAN do it now in the space I'm in and why not while I'm still passionate about Upholstering?

My small workshop space will mean I will have to keep it to a small group, just two students at a time. A small group means you get all my attention. I want to teach the kind of workshop I wish I had found when I started learning. I want the students to get hands on with their learning and have fun doing it.

You will learn proper upholstery techniques, using proper tools, all while building your confidence and having fun.

So here's how it will work.  The Workshop will include three, five hour days held over a three week period. You will be able to select the fabric of your choice, within reason. By that I mean no difficult fabrics like velvet. We want your experience to be a good one and velvet can make even an experienced upholsterer want to poke their eyes out. (Now you want velvet don't you? If you must have it then of course I will let you but trust me if its your first project don't.) Chair style must be approved prior to workshop. Materials needed to complete your chair will be available for purchase.

Future Workshops will most likely be more customized to the students, their skill level and needs but for the first one I want to keep it simple. 

Cost: $300

Workshop dates: Saturday April 7th,14th & 21.  11- 4 pm

This first workshop will also be my first one as Teacher so as a bonus I will provide the chair as well. I have two cute chairs in my possession that would make great first projects. If you would prefer to bring your own chair it must be approved beforehand. 15 hours will go by fast so we want to make sure you will have time to complete your project. 
First to pay the Deposit gets the spots.  Email me at to book your workshop. 

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