Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Re Styled Settee

I finally got around to upholstering a piece for myself. I have been re-decorating my home office for months now. I cant believe how long it's taking me and at the same time I'm enjoying the process. I have completely let our home go over the last few years. My business has taking over my creative energy. Lately I've been feeling the home improvements.

Secret time (not really I posted this all over social media) the settee actually is not finished. I haven't picked a fabric for the cushion yet. I love combining fabrics and I want to use a different fabric on the seat.  The settee is against the wall directly in front of my desk and I think having a fun cushion will really make the piece special.

This settee is not particularly old as in a fabulous antique but it is the perfect size and is super comfy. I wanted a piece that I can snuggle up on while listening to music or reading a book.  I made a few changes to the style to update the look.

First the wood on the wings was puny. It looked cheap so I covered it up. Second I chose not to to button tuft the back. I almost did, so close, but I'm glad I stopped myself. Third I chose to do one large seat cushion to update the look. That is the fun part of upholstery and why I wanted to share this project. Small changes in styling can totally update a piece.

My favorite change was stripping the finish from the woodwork and using white wax to finish.

The white wax toned down the orangyness that still lingered after two doses of stripper and a good sanding.

I think I might have finally decided on the cushion fabric but I'm in no hurry. For now the plaid Ikea blanket is looking pretty cute.

I want the room to feel calm and peaceful so my color palette is soft grays and creams. I'm almost done just need to sew up the curtains and install a chandelier. Waiting for hubby to do the latter. He's promised 82 times "I'll do it tonight" so we should be getting close.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Upholstery Workshops

I have something super exciting to share. Well I'm super excited about it and my hope is some of you will be as well. After much back and forth I have decided to host Upholstery Workshops. I have wanted to for a long time but I kept telling myself that I have to wait til someday when I have more space or when I'm tired of doing so much upholstering myself. Lately it's that thing that I wake up wanting to do then spend the whole day convincing myself not to. Today I woke up and decided why wait? I actually CAN do it now in the space I'm in and why not while I'm still passionate about Upholstering?

My small workshop space will mean I will have to keep it to a small group, just two students at a time. A small group means you get all my attention. I want to teach the kind of workshop I wish I had found when I started learning. I want the students to get hands on with their learning and have fun doing it.

You will learn proper upholstery techniques, using proper tools, all while building your confidence and having fun.

So here's how it will work.  The Workshop will include three, five hour days held over a three week period. You will be able to select the fabric of your choice, within reason. By that I mean no difficult fabrics like velvet. We want your experience to be a good one and velvet can make even an experienced upholsterer want to poke their eyes out. (Now you want velvet don't you? If you must have it then of course I will let you but trust me if its your first project don't.) Chair style must be approved prior to workshop. Materials needed to complete your chair will be available for purchase.

Future Workshops will most likely be more customized to the students, their skill level and needs but for the first one I want to keep it simple. 

Cost: $300

Workshop dates: Saturday April 7th,14th & 21.  11- 4 pm

This first workshop will also be my first one as Teacher so as a bonus I will provide the chair as well. I have two cute chairs in my possession that would make great first projects. If you would prefer to bring your own chair it must be approved beforehand. 15 hours will go by fast so we want to make sure you will have time to complete your project. 
First to pay the Deposit gets the spots.  Email me at to book your workshop. 

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Black, White, Wool and Tweed Chair

I think this little cutie is my new favorite.  I designed it to sell in my showroom. This is another frame I've had for almost two years and just never got to it.  That's seems to be a theme with me lately. It must be the new year. I feel a renewed creative energy and have been tackling projects I've long neglected.

With this one I could never find the right fabric. I needed something amazing that would update this very unique antique frame.

Enter gorgeous Pendleton Wool Fabric. I fell in love with it and purchased it for a project for myself. Then I realized I'm a gray girl. I love the look of black and white but my entire home is shades of gray. Not to worry though it was just what I'd been waiting for for this piece.

The pattern is very bold so for the back I used a black tweed that has a tiny fleck of cream in it. Perfect. I works to keep the pattern from being overwhelming.  

Yummy. There is nothing more cozy then wool. Someone asked if it was scratchy and no it's not. Pendleton wool is soft and thick. This is available by the yard.

I decided to run the fabric vertically up the chair and offset the pattern a bit to the right. Definitely a fun statement piece.

Ok and here's the real reason it took me so long to do this chair, 


These springs just looked like a nightmare to redo. They are tall (except for the front row) and tied together down inside as well. Actually they weren't hard to redo but every time I looked at this chair it looked like it had a million springs. So I was like nah, I'll wait on that one. :) Glad I finally took the time. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Navy Blue Settee

This pretty little number was a recent client piece. It has such a great shape and size. It's just about five feet wide.

My client chose this traditional diamond and dot pattern. Its a gorgeous blue.

The dots were a bit of a challenge on a larger piece especially on the back with that curve at the top. 

This piece needed a total redo. The support webbing was replaced and new coil springs were tied for the seat. I upholstered with modern techniques using foam instead of the hay and cotton batting it had previously. It's very cushy now. 

For fun I played around with staging using some modern patterned pillows that I have in the shop. It's the perfect depth to allow for pillows and still be quite comfortable to sit on. 

Dots for days. French Natural nail heads finished it off.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Black & Gray Tweed Chair

I have a fun piece to share that I recently upholstered. Once in awhile I get to (need to) design a piece for my showroom.  It's a great way to be creative with the freedom to do whatever I want. Most importantly it's to show my customers samples of my work. I've had this chair for almost two years. Its got great bones but I just never got around to it. 

I loved the arm detail with the piping on either side. Previously it was done in an orange floral fabric. I decided to change it up with two different fabrics. It really makes that detail the star. I was going for a preppy Ralph Lauren vibe. 

I used the black fabric for the double cord welting to contrast the gray tweed. It's a petite chair so I kept the cushion low profile. All materials were replaced down to the frame.

I really liked that the finish on the arms was worn. This is not always a good thing but it was working for me on this chair. I lightly sanded to clean it up and applied wipe on poly to give it a little depth and sheen. The legs I touched up with walnut gel stain and poly.

This piece has sold but will be in the shop a while longer until the clients are ready to take it. That worked out for me because it will be a bit before I will have time to get another showroom piece done. For some reason I have pink on the brain but we'll see what I come up with.

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