Monday, March 17, 2014

Living Room Progress


I am on a mission to get my living room makeover done by the end of the month.   I'm starting to freak out because there is still so much to do.  Then I remind myself that I am being ridiculous, and round and round we go.  Today I thought I'd show you a few things I have checked of the list.

This wall is the forgotten corner.  I have never really done anything here and it definitely needed something.  At least a year ago my sister gave my husband and I these pencil drawings.  The artist is Jay Killian and they are of boats in the harbor.  I framed them in simple black frames that I had in my stash from a previous gallery wall.  I had planned to cut some matting but when I laid them on top of what was there to see how they looked I liked it.  The simplicity of it works with the simple drawings. 
Next I had this little night stand in our spare room.  It was a piece I had painted early on when I first started my business and it was a total project fail.  I had tried to make my own chalk paint  in a teal color and it was streaky and rough.  Too much POP I think.  I was mad at it so I have ignored it ever since.  On a whim I decided to sand it down and paint it Aubusson Blue (the actual chalk paint)and try it in this corner.  I like it.  It now holds decor magazines that I just cant seem to throw out.  

I like the pop of blue against the charcoal wall.  There are three pieces of art stacked.  This wall is taller than normal and it fills the space nicely.  
 Next up I reupholstered my old chair in a Tweed fabric.   Button tufted of course.  I have been doing so many tufted pieces lately I finally did one for myself.  Nubby Tweed, old school, I am obsessed with it all the sudden.  The skirt was not planned but when I upholstered the seat the extra fabric was sticking out like a ruffle and the idea clicked.
Here's the before, the first time I reupholstered it was in August 2011.  I had used a curtain panel for the fabric because I liked the pattern.  It was not suitable for upholstery and it did not wear well.   Oh well I was tired of it anyways. 
I also sewed up some pillows.  I am trying different patterns and colors to see what I like best.  
I decided to paint the frame to freshen it up.  I didn't like the tweed with the wood.

Last thing is the antique table.  I bought it to sell but it ended up here.  I'm liking the wood for now.  I will see what happens after I finish the rest of the room.  It may get painted.
My next project is half done just waiting for the hardware to arrive so I can finish.    Should be here this week, I cant wait for it to be done so I can share.  Have a good one!

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Korrie@RedHenHome said...

So fun to see your progress! I like the blue against the charcoal as well. Love to see your upholstering skills as well...wish I were closer so you could teach me!

Being Home said...

I love that chair! Mimi, your upholstery skills are impressive. :D

Angela Santaniello said...

That chair! OMG it is amazing!!!

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

ANNE said...

Beautiful! Love the paint, love the cabinet, love the art and I adore those drapes!!! If this is the way you're going, this room is going to be spectacular!

Robin Johnson said...

Wow you've done so much already and it's all looking fabulous. Love the pop of blue from the sidetable and I adore the chair makeover.

Angela said...

I like the ruffle on the chair. Makes me smile. :)

Jayne Evans said...

Everything looks great! I love the pictures! I found a chair at Goodwill I am going to reupholster. I have never done this before. I can sew, so I hope my experience with sewing will help me out! I hope mine turns out as well as yours!

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the grey Tweed look on the chair a million and one times better, it's sweet lines, the coat of white paint, and the soft little kick pleated hem. Your work is amazing, I went through a few pages of your chairs, sofas, and nest creations and wanted one of each :)
Love the brave blackened wall of charcoal, so wish I could take a leap and see if its for me, I have always wanted to try a dark wall :) you make me want to see if its a good fit for me and my home.

Beautiful creative days ahead of you?
Keep inspiring your beauty.


Heather said...

I love the blue side table against the charcoal wall - beautiful!

Gail Wilson said...

everything looks fabulous! I love the tweed with the white so much better than the wood. So many people don't like painted wood, but when it's right, it's right. right? heheheh


Maureen said...

so pretty - I love that chair...

BlueClearSky Elizabeth said...

That chair is lovely and button tufted too! - you have some serious upholstering skills! I llike the deep blue against the charcoal wall. Your room is going to looks so stylish.

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