Monday, March 3, 2014

Crafting with Old Springs and a Chair

The other day was one of those days where I just needed a fun project.  Something I could get done in one day. 
It started with this chair.  I bought two of them several months back.  Unfortunately this one was not in good enough shape for me to reupholster and sell.  Not as an actual chair that someone would sit on anyways.  I just couldn't toss it though.  
My thought was it would make a great planted chair for a front porch or garden.  I removed the old springs but kept the webbing and burlap.  I painted it with Milk Paint, distressed it, then sealed it with indoor/outdoor clear spray finish.    Now someone can just set a planted pot or basket right on the seat.  Wouldn't it also look cute in a bathroom with a basket of towels where the seat used to be?
I strung some rusty wire along the back using tacks to hold it in place.   Then while looking at the springs I removed an idea came to me for a fun way to stage it in the store. 
The springs still had some of the twine on them.  I left it because I think it looks cool.  
Then I made some nests.  To make them I used a grapevine garland that I have had forever.  You can find them at craft stores.  The smaller vine is perfect for this project.  I split it in two and wound it around in a circle to form a nest.  Then I used floral wire to secure it.  Next, I went for a little walk around the yard and found some moss.  I also found some lichen covered twigs.  You can buy moss at the craft stores if you don't have it in your yard.  I placed the moss & twigs into the nests until I got the look I liked.    To attach the nests to the springs just push the end of the spring into the nest and turn it to secure.
I think they are so cute and I love them displayed in the chair.  I plan to take them to the shop to sell as well as the chair. 
I tucked in some greens from the yard for color.
It was really a fun project and a nice break from the more involved projects I've been working on lately.  

They are just so springy dontcha think?  ;)

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Anonymous said...

I think your nest stands are brilliant. And I don't like crafts. :)

Full Circle Creations said...

Looks great. Every now and then it's nice to something different and see instant change.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! The color you used on the chair is really pretty. I'm new to your blog and I have enjoyed looking at all your projects! Thank you for the tutorials. I can't wait to try a project of yours especially the ruffled pillow covers!

June G.

Sami Pat said...

Love the nests. They look good. I'm a bird's nest connoisseur. *smiles*

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