Monday, January 27, 2014

Custom Sign Giveaway!

It's been three fabulous years of blogging for me.  I cannot believe it.  I started my blog to share my love of all things DIY and never really thought much beyond that.  I had no intention of ever making any money from it or becoming the next big thing I just wanted to play.  After three years things have shifted a bit in my life but I still think of this blog as my place to play.  (and I'm definitely not the next big thing :))  The most unexpected thing that has happened is that my blog has become a portfolio for me for my business.  A place my clients can go to see what I'm all about.  All the time I've spent on this blog ended up benefiting me.  Plus it's like therapy. 
Anyways I can not thank you enough for stopping by and visiting me these past three years, leaving comments with encouraging words.  You all have given my the juice I needed to keep going, to keep creating. 
As a thank you I wanted to host a giveaway.  I wanted it to be something I made. So about a month ago I asked on my facebook page what it should be and the overwhelming response was a custom sign. 
I do have a vinyl cutter and lots of scrap wood so this should work.  
What kind of sign you ask?  It will be a wood sign with either vinyl lettering or painted letters, whichever you prefer.  It can be up to 20" x 20" and any colors you want.   You choose the design so it can be a family rules sign, your wedding lyrics, your last name & established by date, Whatever words you want it to say.  
It could say "no eggs beyond this point"  If that's what you want it to say. (that's for my friend Heather tehe)
I wish I could give everyone something, but of course I can't so I will just have to pick one of you.
To enter leave a comment on this post.  For another chance to enter like my page on facebook and leave a comment on the giveaway post.
Giveaway will end on Friday January 31st 2014.   Can only be shipped within the United States.

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