Saturday, December 14, 2013

Display Shelf for my Santa Collection

After getting rid of the old display shelf in my dining room  I realized I'd have nowhere to put my Santas this year.  I knew I wanted to build another shelf and the idea evolved into building one to look like an over sized letterpress tray.  I designed it so that the cubbies would be the perfect sizes to house my Santas.

I have been collecting Santas since I was in my early twenties.  It started out as ornaments and then progressed to figurines.  My husband buys me one every year as well as some family and friends.  It has slowed down quite a bit in the past few years.  I realized I cant possibly display all of them without it looking like crazy town in the house.  A collection looks best when grouped together rather than randomly placed all around the house, but a collection this large needs something a little special to make it work.  This is not even half of them, I just chose the ones that fit my taste for this year. 

I've noticed it's not really trending in Decor this year to decorate with whimsical Santa figurines but I love them, they make me smile.  It is not Christmas in my house without these quirky little guys.

It is going to be so much fun playing around with the display on this shelf after the holidays. 

For free plans to make your own DIY Letterpress Shelf click here.

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