Sunday, August 18, 2013

Works in Progress

Whoa it is so hard to keep up with my crazy schedule of posting to this blog once a week.  So hard.  There just doesn't see to be enough time in the week... ;)  Once a week is all I have ever really been able to maintain.  That's just how it has been for me.  My post idea for this week included a video tutorial.  I thought that would be fun.  I made the video but I can't seem to get the video off my iPhone so here we go with plan B.  I'll just show you a few things I have in process.  

First I sneak peaked this find on Facebook a few weeks ago.  I found it in the back of an antique store and had to have it. It's the front of an old built in bookcase.  My plan is to make it into a linen storage cabinet in our hallway.  Or sell it.  So far I have built a cabinet and attached this piece to the front.  I haven't built anything in a while so it's been really fun.  Now I just need to decide on the right trim for the sides and bottom.  Then what color I going to paint it. 

(first coat of stain)

Next up I have stripped (I know I'm insane) and re-stained this farm table for my friend Heather.  I will never do it again, which I say every time I strip something.  We decided to mix a custom color of two parts Black and one part Dark Walnut and it is stunning.   Second coat went on today and just needs a top coat. I can't wait to see it in here dining room.  We went to design school together a million years ago and we can talk about decorating, paint colors, furniture etc for days and days. Sometimes when we thrift & antique shop together she buys what I want to buy and I want to push her down.

I have several chairs lying around the house in various states of being stripped of there old fabric and foam.  This one I have two of.  They are stripped down painted and waxed and waiting on fabric I ordered on line to finish them.  The others I just am not feeling yet. 

This cabinet.  Wouldn't it look cool with tall curvy legs added to make it a display cabinet?  Or maybe cool corbels to hang it on the wall.  I'll know it when I find it.  

Yesterday I picked up this Full size bed.  I tried to walk away but he kept lowering the price until I knew I'd think about it for the rest of my life if I didn't buy it.  It came with a dresser and a wash stand. 

I love the crown detail, some little princess needs this bed painted in hmmm.....  classic white, a fun soft pink, what do I do?  I could cut it up and make a bench or coat rack but it could be so great for some little girl right?  Would you have passed on it?  

So am I the most random furniture picker on the planet or what?

I have officially done what my husband told me he was never letting me do.  That is I took over a corner of his shop with my furniture stash.  My shop is full.  He says I only have til next weekend to get the stuff out of there but we all know that ain't gonna happen. 

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Crys Green said...

Love all these projects!! Digging on that cane chair too, the lines are so similar to one I already have. Can't wait to see what you do with your finds!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

A wise person said you never regret what you do, you always regret what you don't do. I would never forgive myself if I had walked away without that bed!

Anne said...

look at you go! So glad you're busy and enjoying it!!!


Gail Wilson said...

hahaha we totally get ya! sometimes the stuff just won't let us walk away. Then we know it's time to get busy. :)

stripping furniture? ohhh, I know that feeling. I limit myself to one piece a year. hahaha

great stuff, loving that front of a built in bookcase!
have a great week!

Carla said...

That bedroom set looks like it might be an Eastlake. You were smart to get it.

Shabby Sheshe said...

Great finds Mimi! And omg your cracking me up! I often want to push down my sister-in-law!
Have a great week! Michelle

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

great finds,, especially love the front of the bookcase..oh wow! Cant wait to see the end results.

Tracey Hewison said...

You are so hilarious :-) Great post! I love the bed, it's you said, perfect for a little girl! I would totally do it in antique white, distressed back, perhaps some handpainting on the crown detail and I would do the square beneath in chalkboard paint to write the princesses name and fun messages to her, for the seasons ;-) What a great piece!

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