Sunday, August 18, 2013

Works in Progress

Whoa it is so hard to keep up with my crazy schedule of posting to this blog once a week.  So hard.  There just doesn't see to be enough time in the week... ;)  Once a week is all I have ever really been able to maintain.  That's just how it has been for me.  My post idea for this week included a video tutorial.  I thought that would be fun.  I made the video but I can't seem to get the video off my iPhone so here we go with plan B.  I'll just show you a few things I have in process.  

First I sneak peaked this find on Facebook a few weeks ago.  I found it in the back of an antique store and had to have it. It's the front of an old built in bookcase.  My plan is to make it into a linen storage cabinet in our hallway.  Or sell it.  So far I have built a cabinet and attached this piece to the front.  I haven't built anything in a while so it's been really fun.  Now I just need to decide on the right trim for the sides and bottom.  Then what color I going to paint it. 

(first coat of stain)

Next up I have stripped (I know I'm insane) and re-stained this farm table for my friend Heather.  I will never do it again, which I say every time I strip something.  We decided to mix a custom color of two parts Black and one part Dark Walnut and it is stunning.   Second coat went on today and just needs a top coat. I can't wait to see it in here dining room.  We went to design school together a million years ago and we can talk about decorating, paint colors, furniture etc for days and days. Sometimes when we thrift & antique shop together she buys what I want to buy and I want to push her down.

I have several chairs lying around the house in various states of being stripped of there old fabric and foam.  This one I have two of.  They are stripped down painted and waxed and waiting on fabric I ordered on line to finish them.  The others I just am not feeling yet. 

This cabinet.  Wouldn't it look cool with tall curvy legs added to make it a display cabinet?  Or maybe cool corbels to hang it on the wall.  I'll know it when I find it.  

Yesterday I picked up this Full size bed.  I tried to walk away but he kept lowering the price until I knew I'd think about it for the rest of my life if I didn't buy it.  It came with a dresser and a wash stand. 

I love the crown detail, some little princess needs this bed painted in hmmm.....  classic white, a fun soft pink, what do I do?  I could cut it up and make a bench or coat rack but it could be so great for some little girl right?  Would you have passed on it?  

So am I the most random furniture picker on the planet or what?

I have officially done what my husband told me he was never letting me do.  That is I took over a corner of his shop with my furniture stash.  My shop is full.  He says I only have til next weekend to get the stuff out of there but we all know that ain't gonna happen. 

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