Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Custom Dark Stained Farm Table

I finished up the custom farm table I've been working on for my friend Heather, finally.  She has been so patient.  The process began a few months ago when she asked if I could help her re-work her current dining room table into more of a farm house look.

She has had this table for about fourteen years and was just tired of the color and style.  First thing we discussed was to paint the bottom and leave the top as is.  Second idea was to change out the legs.  I happened to have some really beefy farm table legs in my stash but then we'd have to change the apron and strip the top of it's super shiny finish.  I asked her to give me a few weeks to finish some projects and I'd get on it.  During that time I found this farm house table and we agreed it was perfect.  Now she can just sell her old table and chairs.  

The table had a very orange finish and needed to be stripped and re-stained.  I don't typically strip entire tables but I thought for her, why not.  The legs are the only part that gave me any trouble.  Stripping a flat surface is no big deal but turned legs are a pain.  I ended up taking the legs off so I could handle them easier.   

The before-ish.  In this photo the top has been stripped and the legs are in process.  You can see how orange it was.  

She wanted the finish almost black with no orange or red undertones.  I mixed Minwax brand Ebony and Dark Walnut oil based stains together and made a sample board for her to take home and think about.  This board is with only one coat.  She chose the mix of 2 parts Ebony one part Dark Walnut because with two coats it would be a little darker.  To finish the table we sealed it with Miss Mustard Seed Furniture wax for a low sheen rustic look. 

The color turned out to be a very warm blackish brown that looks great with black or wood tones.  I am in love with the color. I also love her warm gray walls with the gold curtains and white wainscoting.  It's such a pretty room.  I'm jealous of all the light she gets in her home. 

So is her dog Sid.  I kept telling her I expected her dog to talk to me at any minute because of that dog in the movie Men in Black.  Too funny.  He just needs a cigar.

She is on the hunt for two upholstered chairs for the ends of the table.  The creamy white chairs she picked up and painted herself.  At the last minute after I took all the photos she said "hey I wonder what my living room rug would look like in here"  so we tried it out.  I want a farm house table now.  If only I had the room for it. 

For those who asked.  The paint color was a custom match.  Here's a shot of the formula.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Junk on the Mantel and Vintage Chair Redo

Well hello.  So today I had a little fun playing with my mantel decor.  Can you believe I still had a tiny Christmas Tree in a glass hurricane vase with fake snow up there?  Couple more months and there would be no need to change it.  I've been meaning to update it but it sorta got away from me.  Today was the day.  I wanted to stage a couple of chairs I just finished and I thought the mantel would make a nice backdrop.  The chairs have a Restoration Hardware vibe to them so I thought I'd go with it and create a neutral industrial feel.   

I busted out my best junk.  My newest is the rusty wheel pulley on the left.  I picked it up the other day with two antique upholstered chairs and six railroad spikes.  The gal that owns the store wanted to know what what the heck I was doing with such random things.  Of course I didn't think they were random at all.

The chairs I painted with Shutter Gray Milk Paint, distressed, then waxed with clear and dark wax.  I tried to paint them cleanly and not distress but I couldn't.  The heart wants what the heart wants.

The outside back and seats are done in a cream canvas fabric.    

For the backs I used reproduction grain sacks.  On line they look a little lighter colored then they actually are but I am still happy with them.  I used the seams from the burlap sacks to cover the staples instead of welting. 

 Just for fun here's the before.

So do you change your mantel decor with the seasons?  If so have you changed to fall yet? ;)

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I tweaked the mantle.

Junk Mantel Decor

I swapped the glass ball jar for a rusty urn and added a pop of green with some moss. 

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Works in Progress

Whoa it is so hard to keep up with my crazy schedule of posting to this blog once a week.  So hard.  There just doesn't see to be enough time in the week... ;)  Once a week is all I have ever really been able to maintain.  That's just how it has been for me.  My post idea for this week included a video tutorial.  I thought that would be fun.  I made the video but I can't seem to get the video off my iPhone so here we go with plan B.  I'll just show you a few things I have in process.  

First I sneak peaked this find on Facebook a few weeks ago.  I found it in the back of an antique store and had to have it. It's the front of an old built in bookcase.  My plan is to make it into a linen storage cabinet in our hallway.  Or sell it.  So far I have built a cabinet and attached this piece to the front.  I haven't built anything in a while so it's been really fun.  Now I just need to decide on the right trim for the sides and bottom.  Then what color I going to paint it. 

(first coat of stain)

Next up I have stripped (I know I'm insane) and re-stained this farm table for my friend Heather.  I will never do it again, which I say every time I strip something.  We decided to mix a custom color of two parts Black and one part Dark Walnut and it is stunning.   Second coat went on today and just needs a top coat. I can't wait to see it in here dining room.  We went to design school together a million years ago and we can talk about decorating, paint colors, furniture etc for days and days. Sometimes when we thrift & antique shop together she buys what I want to buy and I want to push her down.

I have several chairs lying around the house in various states of being stripped of there old fabric and foam.  This one I have two of.  They are stripped down painted and waxed and waiting on fabric I ordered on line to finish them.  The others I just am not feeling yet. 

This cabinet.  Wouldn't it look cool with tall curvy legs added to make it a display cabinet?  Or maybe cool corbels to hang it on the wall.  I'll know it when I find it.  

Yesterday I picked up this Full size bed.  I tried to walk away but he kept lowering the price until I knew I'd think about it for the rest of my life if I didn't buy it.  It came with a dresser and a wash stand. 

I love the crown detail, some little princess needs this bed painted in hmmm.....  classic white, a fun soft pink, what do I do?  I could cut it up and make a bench or coat rack but it could be so great for some little girl right?  Would you have passed on it?  

So am I the most random furniture picker on the planet or what?

I have officially done what my husband told me he was never letting me do.  That is I took over a corner of his shop with my furniture stash.  My shop is full.  He says I only have til next weekend to get the stuff out of there but we all know that ain't gonna happen. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Industrial Kitchen Island or Cart or Whatever

A made another Kitchen Island.  Not for me though.  I just saw the cart and had to fulfill it's destiny.  It needed to be a Kitchen Island.  Just like when Phoebe from friends had to do that for the Christmas trees, remember?  

This time I made a Kitchen Island out of an Industrial Cart and old oak table.  I found the cart at the Restore.  It just spoke to me. 

I think it was the casters.  and the rust.  When I got it home my husband asked me how much I paid for it which is his way of saying it's kind of a weird thing (piece of crap)to purchase. Whatever. 

First thing I did was clean it with TSP then sand off all the gunk.  It had some chips already but not enough for me so I decided to slop some chemical stripper around the bottom edges to get more of a distressed chippy look.  By slopped I mean I used a brush and dabbed/globbed it on so it wasn't uniform.  After a couple hours I cleaned all that off with mineral spirits.  I like it. 

Then I needed a top.  I picked up this oak table for cheap a few months ago.  I bought it for the the 1 1/2 thick butcher block top.  I knew I'd find a use for it eventually.   

I clamped a 2x4 to the top for my Skill saw to follow to get a straight cut.  Then I ripped two strips off the extra pieces with my table saw to make breadboard ends.  To attach those I used glue and clamps.


I got this table around the time I did the Milk painted dresser with hand planed top.  I liked how that turned out so I used my little hand planer to do the same to this tabletop.  (for more on that click here) I like the texture it gives.  There are holes in the top of the cart so it was easy to attach the wood top from underneath.

The cart had a board on the back side.  I immediately thought it needed a sign painted on it. 

This is what I came up with.  It's removable.  A chalkboard would be another fun idea.  I kinda like it without the sign though. 

I think it would make a great Kitchen Island or Cart or Bar or coffee station or whatever.  I however have no room for such things so I'm going to sell it. 

Here's the front again.  See that tag hanging off the left side? It says property of Boeing.  My husband thought he was helping and yanked it off for me.  Then he stuck it back on when I yelled No! I need to glue that back down it's a part of the history of this piece and I kinda like it.

Hope you are having a great Summer.  It has just flown by hasn't it?  Have you heard all the talk of fall in blog land?  I hadn't even been thinking about it until I heard a few mention it.  Now I'm like bring it.  I love the change of seasons. sigh.    

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Dining Chair into Vanity Chair

This is probably the easiest thing I've done in a long time and yet it's one of my favorites.   I cut the top of a chair off.  I know, it's mind blowing isn't it ;)   Why? I needed a chair for my vanity because vanities sell better with a chair and all I had was this one.

The carved detail reminds me of a pineapple and it just did not go with the style and chippyness of the vanity.  I like the detail but not for this piece.  I had everything sitting outside taking these photos and the idea occurred to me.  Cut off the pineapple.  

I laid it on my Chop saw and chopped the top off.  Now it looks like a vanity stool, coordinates better with the vanity and isn't matchy matchy.  Perfect.  I touched up the cut end with paint and done.  

It's the little things sometimes.  The vanity is painted with Milk Paint.  Shutter Gray on the body and Grain Sack on the drawers.  

Hope you have a great week! 

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