Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Where I Blog

It became apparent to me recently that my system for working from home was not working.  At least not the part I do on the computer.  I had fallen back into the morning routine of grabbing a cup of coffee, turning on the Today Show and sitting down on the couch with my laptop.  (I know bad idea right) First I check on the blog, then read and answer emails, facebook, catch up on the blogs I follow then inevitably end up on Pinterest for a few minutes to get the creative juices flowing.  While the blog and my facebook page are not a huge part of my income they are important to my business.  Thing is I need to make sure they are not sucking up the best part of the day where I should be working on furniture. 

The couch is like a vortex. Once you sit on it it's hard to get off it.  I know to be more productive I had to stop doing this. Like Now.  Previously I had been using the desk in the craft room but that room is where I reupholster furniture so the desk is always covered with fabric, batting, foam, sewing machine...etc.  I decided I needed a different space dedicated to only computer work.  

The space I chose is located in the dining room next to the pellet stove where that black armoire was.  To the left is the opening to the living room.  The black armoire was full of random decor items.  I cleaned that out and moved it to our bedroom. Next up, I needed a desk.  I really wanted to build something but I knew that would not happen quick enough so I decided to find something that would work for now.  A couple days later I stumbled onto this farm table at Abundance Vintage where I have my space.  It spoke to me. 

I loved the chippy paint, quirky drawers and the rusty pulls. The color is a Heather Gray so it has a purplish hue to it but it's still gray. 

I only have a small lap top.  (Pleae don't pull my blogger card) I intend to upgrade but I cant decide on whether I should get a desktop or a bigger laptop.  (ya know cause I like sitting on the couch with my laptop) For now I have a monitor that sits on my desk that I hook to my laptop. I also have a separate keyboard that I plug in when I type up blog posts.  Most the time it sits in the drawer. 

I modified the drawer a bit to make it work.  It's temporary so I can put it back to normal later if I want.  

The bread boards work great for a keyboard tray.

The basket I found for a couple bucks at a thrift store.  I spray painted it white.

It is the perfect size for one of those plastic file boxes you can buy at Walmart.  I keep things filed in there until I feel like dealing with them. 

And here's what it actually looks like most days.  Coffee Mug, laptop hooked to monitor, iPhone plugged into speakers playing tunes, and last but not least my mouse pad with a picture of my sister-in-laws family on it.  She thought I'd never use it but I do! I still have to go upstairs to the craft room for the printer and fax but I really don't print that often.

I have had this set up for almost two months now and I have to tell you that it makes a huge difference.  I still start the day on the computer but I don't get sucked into it and waste the day away anymore.  I set a time limit and stick to it.  I now save my catching up with other blogs and pinterest for night time when I can sit on the couch with my laptop after dinner.

Right around the time I made the changes I read a Blog post titled How to Survive a Home Office by Donna at An Anglo in Quebec.  She gives some great advice so I thought I'd share it. I just adore her and her blog and it was just the reminder I needed to start fresh and get back on track.    

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Full Circle Creations said...

I love that desk/table! A perfect place to blog!

Anne said...

Sweet! and yes, couches should be renamed vortexes.

Don't get a desktop, mine is just a big boat anchor. Actually, it's just a big photo dump place. Lots of memory and I never ever use it for anything other than storing photos.

Hey I need to build some frames, do you have any tutorials on building them? and yes I plan to break out that old kreg jig for them. Unless I can figure out some other way of holding them together... LOL!

Cheryl Thornton said...

Mimi - your desk is lovely! I have a computer set up just like yours, however, minus the keyboard - I just use my netbook keyboard connected to a large monitor on a small desk. I was, like you, blogging from my couch and was having the same problem with getting sidetracked. I find my office space much more conducive!

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

anangloinquebec said...

Ahh you are sooo sweet.
Now if I could only get my "set-up" to look as great as yours!! I too have the monitor that I hook into for a larger screen surface. Glad that my post helped you out. Working from home can be a real challenge with all the distractions around but how lucky are we to be able to call our home our workplace. :)

Gail Wilson said...

couch=vortex? I agree.... it's where I blog, and do ALL other computer stuff. I spend a couple of hours each morning and many more each night... as soon as I saw your "where I blog" I was like ugh! I could never do that. ;) To each his own. I'm so happy you have found something that works for you!
See you Soon!!!! I can't wait to meet ya in real life!

Jackie Ross said...

Great office idea! Have fun at your blogger convention!

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