Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Recent Finds

Well hello there.  How's it going?  Me I'm trying to get back in the groove after the show I just did.  I didn't know I was doing it until two weeks before so I scrambled to get things ready.    I posted about the show here if you missed it.  Here's a few things I picked up.  There was so much great stuff it's amazing I got out of there with just these.   

First up some fabulously rusty barn door hardware.  I have the perfect over sized weathered door that I am going to use these on.  It will be for display in my booth space.  The door is pretty cool on its own but these will make it super duper cool.        

I have several possible ideas for this piece.  I paid more than I normally would but it inspired me.  What would you do with it?

Last up this cool rusty scale.  It's a keeper.   I am going to display it in my cabinet in the kitchen.  I love the sunny yellow color. So have you found any treasures lately? 

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