Thursday, April 4, 2013

Upholster an Ottoman with Fabric Swatches

Before I start I have one question for you.  Do squirrels attack people?  The reason I ask is I walked out of my workshop earlier today and ran smack dab into a squirrel about a foot from my face.  We were eye to eye and for a split second I thought, is he gonna kill me? but no he ran away.  He's actually been around for quite awhile I have just never gotten quite that close to him.  

So anyways, the ottoman redo.  (you are thinking it's a stool aren't you)  It's actually a really short stool but I plan to use it as an ottoman.  I found it at the local thrift store for $1.99.  I just couldn't pass it up.  It's just so cute.  I am in need of a small ottoman so I am keeping it for myself. 

I have a couple projects going right now and while I waited for wood filler to dry on one and paint on the other I decided to give this thing a new look.  First I removed the orange vinyl and replaced the foam with a small piece out of my stash.  Then I covered that with batting.    

I painted it with two coats Old White ASCP.  Once dry I distressed it with a wet rag then sealed with clear wax.  

While looking through my fabric stash I found a book of fabric swatches that I picked up about a year ago for a few bucks.  It's a discontinued sample book.   All the fabrics were so pretty I figured I'd do something with them eventually.  

I chose four that I liked the best and sewed them together to form a square like you would a little quilt.  

Then I just wrapped the square around the top and stapled it to the bottom.  Isn't that funny it says not for sale.  I swear it had a price tag on it.  You can see it in the before picture.  

I thought about adding a button to the middle but decided I like it just as it is.  I'm using it in my living room but it's so dreary out today the dining room was the only place with enough light to take a photo. 

So adorable.  It just makes me happy.  

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Full Circle Creations said...

Such a cute ottoman. Great fabrics! I don't think a squirrel will attack, but it would freak me out too. I actually don't have any squirrels here at the farm, they all stay down at the trace (the old railroad line turned bike/walking trail) where there are plenty of trees and food for them.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

First I don't think the squirrel was going to attack I think you probably scared him.
I love the stool and what a great idea to use your sample fabric. Just think of all the things you can make with your sample. I nice throw..... But I really think it turned out great and what a good find.

elle said...

The patchwork top is very cool!

catpal52 said...

What a great use of fabric swatches--very cute!

Ellie VanCaster said...

What a great little project and you make it look so easy. Now I have a little bench to do if you'd like me to send it to you. ;-)
Have a great weekend.

judi said...

so cute and I love how you used the four fabrics together. I had to laugh, at first I thought you had written "not for sale" since you said you were keeping it for yourself! it's definitely a keeper, no matter what.

anangloinquebec said...

Oh squirrels kinda creep me out. I have had a problem with one in the past trying to get into our attic and I was so annoyed with it that we quickly became enemies.
Anyway, I would be keeping that one cute Mimi!

Pendra Heldt said...

It would make me so happy too! I have been looking for an ottoman to no success, so I'll start looking at stools. We had a squirrel when we were kids we were scared to death of, so Dad took us out and had us leave it nuts and he ended up being a very nice outdoor pet... who'd have guessed!

Vivi Xu said...

It is really warm for our cold winters in UK! I also really like the coat length, not too long and not too short, of course its in I was a little hesitant to order on-line without trying the Sheepskin Jackets UK on first but I am really happy with its fit.

Martin Short said...

Where do you buy your fabric from? I'm wondering if you have a great retailer up your sleeve. Also, since you come across a lot of fabric, is there an appreciable difference in quality between designer fabric and generic ones? I noticed that you don't use designer fabrics on your pieces so I was wondering if that's indicative that you think they're over-priced and not worth it or if it was just an aesthetic choice. Thanks!

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