Friday, March 8, 2013

Eclectic Gallery Wall

I did it.  I finished a home project. Yay for me.  My previous gallery wall was fine I was just tired of it.  You know how it is.  I wanted some color.  What finally motivated me is that I stumbled upon this large watercolor Marina painting and I just loved it.   I knew I had to make a place for it.

Taste in art is definitely personal and this just spoke to me.  I've mentioned before that we have a boat and enjoy spending time on the water and this painting reminds me of all the old Marinas on the Puget Sound that we've pulled into for fuel or beer or whatever.  It reminds me of good times.  It had a sea foam green mat when I bought it so I changed it out with a white one and painted the frame.  It needs the white to calm it down. 

The Sailboat painting I purchased from my friend Anne from Design Dreams by Anne blog.  When I found out she was selling her paintings I just had to have this one.  It's done in Acrylics and it absolutely comes alive when the light hits it.  It's my favorite.

The watercolor of sandpipers on the beach was painted by my husbands Great Aunt.  The mustard colored bead board frame is one that I built.  It was in my to sell pile to take to my space.  I threw it up on the wall just for size and realized I loved how it pulls the yellow out of some of the other paintings.  The antlers were another thing just threw up there and liked.  I pinned some hounds tooth fabric onto them to update the look. 

The banquette I built out of a door got a fresh coat of paint.  Yesterday I finally sewed up some cushions that fit it.  The fabric is a medium gray Chenille, I love the texture and sheen of the fabric.  I also painted the table with CeCe Caldwell paint in color Vermont Slate.  Love this color.  It really softens things up.  I also used it on the frame with the burlap insert.  I pinned a pressed oak leaf that my Mom sent me in one of her letters to it.  She lives in Indiana.  I think it will be fun to change things out seasonally.  

Every piece up there makes me feel something.  To me the new look is quirky, fun and casual which are three things I hope describe my style. 

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