Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chair Makeover using Drop Cloth

My obsession with re-upholstery continues.  It seems like all I can find while out picking is chairs and kitchen tables.  I have quite the stash, I am trying to get them all done so I can move on.  This particular chair was so sturdy and comfy I had to buy it.  The Hubby said it was the ugliest chair he has ever seen.

I kind of agreed although I pretended like he was crazy for fun.  I decided to use drop cloth for the fabric to keep the cost done and also because I like the look.  

I painted the frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color French Linen and did a thin wash of white over it.   Then distressed and waxed it.

I re-used the foam pieces because they were in great shape and very cushy.  The back was in two pieces with the top one being thicker so to make it work I sewed a strip of piping to define were the cushions met.  

For the outside back I used curve ease at the top and tack strips down the sides like I did on the sofa project.  To see my tutorial on how to upholster an outside back click here.

It was looking kind of plain.  I really wanted to add a image transfer to the top part, maybe some stripes but I'm selling it so I didn't.  I made a pillow to go with it instead.   The image is from the Graphics Fairy, and I used Tap (Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley) to transfer the image.  Then I drew the stripes with a ruler and a gray sharpie.  You can find TAP on amazon, it works very well.  You cant really see the clear part like you can with the less expensive stuff.  It's kind of spendy so I've been hoarding it.  Do you do that?  Hoard supplies that were expensive.  Makes no sense.  I always think I will save them for something special then end up forgetting I even have them.  Just money sitting there.

If she doesn't sell I will be happy to bring her home and use her as my craft room chair, seriously so comfy.  

One of my goals this year was to get back to working on our home again.  I have several home projects almost done and ready to share :) Almost. (So you know it could still be months.)  I am most excited about a cabinet I built for the kitchen.  I ran out of paint so all production stopped.  My poor kitchen makeover has been on hold for the last year.  I am excited to get back to it.  

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